Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Vacation and Spurgeon ;)

We went on a little mini vacation for a few days...just an hour away. Pictures coming soon!

My heart has been heavy-has yours? Don't worry though, it is a heaviness that I must bear if I want to learn and grow. I am learning to rest and be patient...and lots of other things in this busy season. God is good to open my eyes to just a glimpse of the sorrows and burdens in some lives of friends and loved that I can pray, be humbled, trust in Him, see the seriousness of sin, see the importance of encouraging others daily, be driven to win souls for Him. Sometimes, though, it feels as though a dark mist has settled around me and I just have to wait on the Lord to see the way through. Satan is trying to distract my concentration from what really matters, but I am waiting on the Lord- He is teaching me to keep my shield up and my sword at the ready. The end of some of the minor battles have left me laughing which is a praise... All I know is this: He has a plan -and I need to make sure I'm in my place- obedient and watchful so I won't miss an opportunity to share in the blessing of His work.

The following by Charles Haddon Spurgeon is from the Metropolitan Tabernacle Pulpit, 1881, vol. 27, p. 1595:

"I know that wise brethren say, ‘You should not give way to feelings of depression.’ … If those who blame quite so furiously could once know what depression is, they would think it cruel to scatter blame where comfort is needed. There are experiences of the children of God which are full of spiritual darkness; and I am almost persuaded that those of God’s servants who have been most highly favoured have, nevertheless, suffered more times of darkness than others.

The covenant is never known to Abraham so well as when a horror of great darkness comes over him, and then he sees the shining lamp moving between the pieces of the sacrifice. A greater than Abraham was early led of the Spirit into the wilderness, and yet again ere He closed His life He was sorrowful and very heavy in the garden.

No sin is necessarily connected with sorrow of heart, for Jesus Christ our Lord once said, ‘My soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto death.’ There was no sin in Him, and consequently none in His deep depression.

I would, therefore, try to cheer any brother who is sad, for his sadness is not necessarily blameworthy. If his downcast spirit arises from unbelief, let him flog himself, and cry to God to be delivered from it; but if the soul is sighing--‘though he slay me, yet will I trust in him’--its being slain is not a fault.

The way of sorrow is not the way of sin, but a hallowed road sanctified by the prayers of myriads of pilgrims now with God--pilgrims who, passing through the valley of Baca [lit: of weeping], made it a well, the rain also filled the pools: of such it is written: ‘They go from strength to strength, every one of them in Zion appeareth before God.’ "

I must say that much depression could be avoided if it were not for sin... but, getting even a glimpse of the reality of the sorrows of this world and the sufferings of our Lord and the darkness of the evil today can scarcely be thought about without experiencing at least a heavy heart. Oh how He must have suffered on that cross. And then I think...what a day it will be when we see His face in Glory...when He wipes our tears...what a day THAT will be!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Sunday

Anjolie Rose
Daddy and his little bundles
Lil Blue Belles
A rose in my garden that was just beautiful and radiant on Resurrection Sunday...roses are just so beautiful! (*shock*I took this pic, rather, my camera did..I was so surprised when it turned out so well. God was good to give me a remembrance of the beauty of this rose! I have never seen one so beautiful) Christ is like a rose of marvelous beauty...when you "see" is so hard to take your eyes off Him. I can't wait to see Him in Glory!!
God is such an amazing Creator..I love His many blessings..they overwhelm me.