Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Church Picnic

Just me...Brian made me smile as we prepared for the days event :)
The Maranatha Baptist Church of Okinawa, Japan Grill Meisters workin' hard

Vicki, Bro Sidney and myself are stuffing burger buns and hotdog buns for the anticipated crowd of 250...I am anxious to see what the count was! There were people everywhere! It was extremely humid, but there was a nice breeze going through...
The church rented some blowup "toys" ...Anjolie and Brianna loved it!
Of course there had to be a sprinkler to cool off... Brianna and Anjolie were soaked for most of the picnic.
Vicki and I are friends back from when we attended Calvary Baptist in Yucca Valley...if you are ever in the area..you MUST stop by. The dear brothers and sisters and Pastor and his wife are just precious beyond words to us.

This is one of my bestest friends, Pam and her husband Scott.
Wait...what is Pam doing??!! ;) lol sorry Pam...HAD to post this rofl
Oh...there I am with one of our missionaries...Alice ;)
Playtime! ;) Miss Alice catches air on that jump! lol...oh it was fun. I could not stop laughing. Poor Miss Alice trying to be ever so modest on this jungle gym...oh dear she was such a good sport. What a blessing she is to everyone.
Let the races begin Scott is determined to win!

LOL I don't know who enjoyed this thing more, the adults or the kids ;)

Danielle and Rachel...neck and neck

Danielle rolls in second ;)I think everyone had a wonderful time..I know I did.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday Morning

Sundays are so hectic for us! I am sure that if I planned better, they would go smoother, but alas...to lay in bed and read the night before seems soooo much more inviting than preparing 4 little outfits and 2 big ones. :) I try to get up early, but THIS morning snuggling with little Lily and little Ayden was just irresistable. Next week I will do better- especially when I look back on today which, I am sure will be very hectic as usual. At least the kids and my husband have something to wear! Speaking of things to wear...I also have ended up with 3 pounds to lose!! It keeps sneaking up on me...gone one day and here the next...hmmm maybe I am just weighing myself more. Yeah, that's it. It can't POSSIBLY be the big 33y/o mark sneaking up next month ;) Guess I gotta start excercising more than the little 8 min Tae Bo I did twice last week LOL!! Oh dear, that is pretty pathetic. OK... I can see this is just rambling and off-roading, so I'm off to dress the crew! Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

The Pictures

Wow, I have been gone for so long that I am having trouble "fitting" my little bloggie habit back in! First thing in the morning or naptime is best for me, I think.

Here are some pictures :)

Brianna, my first little darling. She is getting so big. She sat in my lap one day and said "I'm getting so big mommy!" to which I replied, "Yes, sweetheart" . "I'm not too big to sit in your lap though mommy" -I am so thankful. She is just so precious to me. I love her little prayers how she thanks the Lord for saving her and giving her parents that correct her...it chokes me up every time I hear it. What a blessing.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Where in the WORLD?!

Yes...I know, I am so sorry. I feel very guilty for just "dropping off the edge of the blogosphere" :( Life has been a little overwhelming to me and ... Let's just say I am STILL catching up from vacation and the Mother Daughter luncheon...etc etc. My weeks are very busy and any extra time I have during the day pretty much goes to playing with the kids. I sure miss everyone! I will slowly catch up on all the goings on :)

Right after vacation, the kids got sick. Lily was vomiting for 5 days with high fever from some virus that was circulating around here. Then Anjolie got a touch of it..then Brianna lol. Yes, I am glad that is over. It seemed I would never be caught up on laundry! I FINALLY have a handle on things at least :)

So, pictures soon, but what has happened lately hmmm

Brian, was able to baptize Brianna on Mother's day..what a tremendously beautiful blessing. It is on video Maranatha Baptist Church link the May 13th evening service. I also gave a short testimony concerning my appreciation for my mom during testimony time:)

And Brianna turned 6 today :) Again, pics coming soon. Brian bought a trampoline for the kids as one of her "gifts".

(HUGS) to all of you. Typing the blessings out def. helps me keep things in perspective. I have a tendency to focus on what seems like a whirlwind of "kid stuff" all day and then "other people" stuff that pops up here and there..and then "ministry stuff" and "military stuff"...*sigh* my blog helps me laugh at the quirks in my self and life. It also allows me to see just how blessed I am. As long as it is balanced in with my life and not taking me away from my life and responsibilities it is a tremendous blessing. I miss you my friends/family and will be checking out what I have missed! :)