Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The World Fact Book

This was an interesting site to visit. I was interested in some facts about Japan, but it has just about every country I think. Look at the natural hazards lol...uh can I get hazard pay for living here in Japan please ;) Go HERE
And, what about this....
"...the US is the largest single emitter of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels; water pollution from runoff of pesticides and fertilizers; limited natural fresh water resources in much of the western part of the country require careful management; desertification" ....yikes.

Homeschooling :)

You have to click on it and then on the "box" zoom icon to see the words, but I thought it was cute :) Hope you all have a great day!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Manna-and a decision

...the Children of Israel were given manna- a thin wafer which was said to taste like a mixture of oil and honey...I learned both have been used to represent the Holy Spirit. Why did they get sick of it? Well, they ate it for longer than what it was intended ..they were to go into the land flowing with milk and honey...Canaan was theirs, but they had to be willing to posess it. They started to long for the cucumbers and onions and garlic of Egypt...because that was all they knew. Their wilderness experience was marked with complaining when they refused to move forward in faith. Most of the complaining immediately followed a huge revelation from crossing the Red Sea, Manna given, quail given, water from rocks, the bitter water of Marah made sweet etc.. They, after given assurance after assurance of God's love and care were not willing to stretch themselves for a promise God had given. They were willing to settle and then complain about just being sustained. I have been in that wilderness where the Lord has done many wonderful things in my life, but when it is time for me to step out in decided faith...I tremble and willingly sit in my circumstances. I still, after the countless times of experiencing God's faithful love and mercy, question and accuse Him of not wanting what is best for my life. I do that when I don't move...I hesitate..."do you really love me God?" that is truthfully what my hesitation speaks to Him. I then start to complain about "just making it" and not living full and victorious on the Lord's all sustaining grace. I am not willing to go forward into the unexplored territory of my walk to experience the fullness of the Christian walk. Why? I think I am afraid of pain, loss, hurt that I assume it requires ...which is a slap in the face to my Loving Heavenly Father, I am a fool, He does not send these things upon me to discourage me. Anything allowed to come into my life is with His express permission, and I can have every confidence that I can in some way benefit from it. I can have peace if I acknowledge Him in all my ways as Prov 3 so clearly instructs. My heart trembles at the thought of giving myself over to a trust like that...but it is very necessary. Who am I to hold on to a life which is not my own. I must commit NOW, while the Holy Spirit calls and not wait for loving chastisement. If not now, how soon will it be before I look back to my old ways and allow my sin nature's craving to penetrate my thoughts. Yes, now is the time to lay my will on the alter...whatever the cost my Lord...I am yours. No longer will I be satisfied with walking in what is comfortable...I want the land of milk and honey.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Dear Lord...

I love you and need to be filled with your Spirit again. Please forgive the neglect I have my prayer and Bible reading this past week. My failure to start my days late and without prayer and study of your Word has left my days less than glorifying to You. Unchecked roots of bitterness have sprung up as anger which I have let run out to the ears of my husband and children. My preoccupation with myself has shown in my lack of submissiveness to my husband and my impatience with my children. My thoughts have been focusing on myself and not on you. Please forgive me Lord. Shine your light and show me where I have gone astray. Please fill me with your Spirit as I tackle todays challenges. I need your complete strength in my complete weakness. Thank you so much Lord, please allow me to be a blessing to my family today as you set my priorities before me. Amen

Lil' Gobblers

This past Thanksgiving, we had such a full house! It was such a blessing. My friend, who is pictured below in the "A Message for SSgt Kurnik" post and her 4 girls joined us since her husband is deployed right now. Also, 4 Marines from Brian's work section joined us as well :) We had a wonderful time. There is just so much to be thankful for...I hope you all had a wonderful day as well!

As promised, here are some pictures of my little gobblers for this year :)

Latest Kiddie Pics ;)

A very dear friend of mine gave the girls (and me ;) ) a very thoughtful Thanksgiving gift. She knows how much my girls LOVE popcorn, and she made them their own personalized bowls and put a pack of popcorn in each bowl atop some pretty green shred....THEY LOVED IT of course :) Thank you again my friend, you are always so thoughtful.

Lily, other than looking like Brian, reminds me of my Aunt Jackie.
Little Man :)
Brianna reminds me of my sister in this pic when she was little :)
Yes, I think Anjolie is all me lol...tantrums and all :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Our Shepherd

This is an excerpt of one of Spurgeon's Morning and Evening Devotions that just got me all choked up this can read the whole thing here
"...It is sweet to dwell upon the spiritual parallel of Laban having required all the sheep at Jacob's hand. If they were torn of beasts, Jacob must make it good; if any of them died, he must stand as surety for the whole. Was not the toil of Jesus for His Church the toil of one who was under suretiship obligations to bring every believing one safe to the hand of Him who had committed them to His charge? Look upon toiling Jacob, and you see a representation of Him of whom we read, "He shall feed His flock like a shepherd." Spurgeon's Morning and Evening Devotions- Thank you to Blue Letter Bible

Xtra Crunchy!

Just in time for Thanksgiving right? :) LOL Why not start it Monday?

Try this for at least 3 days and let me know what happens on the 5th- if you do it that long.... ( 2 weeks is great to do about every 6 months)
*1 tsp 4 times daily of either ground flaxseeds or oatbran (essential for a clean colon)
*take your multivitamin
*drink at least 8 8oz glasses of steam distilled water (your grocery store should have this) per day- distilled water will "leach" toxins from your body.
* drink the juice of a fresh lemon squeezed into a cup of warm water in the morning and at bedtime (cleanses the bloodstream and detox )

Recommended- acidophilus as directed (at your health food store)it is found in yogurt, but try to completely avoid dairy during this "cleansing" -garlic (get the odor controlled pill form) eliminates some parasites (yes, alot of us have parasites iiich)

Okay, the first day, eat only raw non-citrus fruits such as apples, bananas, berries grapes, and pears and vegetables- and the above recommended items. If you drink coffee, only 1 cup, black and add an extra 2 cups of water to the recommended 8 for the day.

The second day drink a cup of apple juice with 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar then, eat all raw except for dinner, you may eat cooked vegetables, and a baked potato with butter. Follow this with a detox tea if available from a local health food store, if not, drink the apple cider vinegar (2 tsp in water or applejuice).

The third day repeat the above, except for lunch you may have chicken broth with carrots and celery added.

The fourth day eat raw all day and then eat a normal dinner (with carbs) and plenty of water. (no dessert)

The fifth day repeat day four

The 6th day repeat day four, but add dessert!!

As with any diet, you should consult your health proffessional first. This diet is my own modified diet, there are many other herbs I could add, but this one is reasonable for us. If you do this diet do not exceed 2 weeks without your Drs consent.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Remembering... Tim Watkins blog was down over Veteren's Day, so I did not get to post. Last year, our Pastor's son (when we were stationed in CA) was killed in Irag when their vehicle was hit by an roadside bomb. I stumbled onto a blog today that had a tribute posted, and my heart ached all over again as I read once again of Tim Watkins' bravery..he and the rest of the crew. You can read the tribute posted Here.... Please keep Pastor and Mrs Rob Watkins and their 4 children in your prayers.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Goofin' Off

The girls got these silly glasses in a Kid's Meal...I thought it would be funny for all of us to drive up to Brian's Radar wearing them. It was are some pics I took when we got home. Anjolie said she was going to have a super-hero face for her pic LOL

Super-hero pose lol

Growing Up

Sleepy boy :)
Little naughty boy loves to get after Daddy's speaker cords lol...notice he has only one sock on and the drool covering his chest lol...He still has yet to cut a tooth mind you :)
The 2 youngest babies....are growing up waaaay too quickly

HERE .....

...I am!! :) Okay, I think the cable problem is FINALLY fixed. They have replaced about everything...splitters, modems, cords, and now the cable line from our house to the box outside which they said had a weak signal to begin with (ok, and they just now replaced it?...I know...frustrating). *Sigh* of course, we still have to PAY the same price even though we have had the rare intermittent access. ANYWAY ;)

How are you all? I have alot of catching up to do!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Extra Crunchy

Diet...well, we are going to have to try it again because My husband fell off the 3 day Extra Crunchy Diet Wagon...due to his crazy schedule right now. I will post about it later when we see if it works. Our basic goal is to "detox" his body from the build up of just the usual junk a body collects from a poor diet. More in a couple of weeks when his schedule is a little better.

Getting Better/Rambling...

...yes, the children are feeling better. I actually fixed my hair today...with peroxide- that is *snicker* -shame on you if you said hallelujah ;) I try to drag it out as many months as possible so as not to destroy my hair which is naturally a yucky yucky dishwater blonde. I actually started out just wanting some highlights...but there in old Yucca Valley CA, the stylist thought I'd like an "all-over" sooo much better. Yeah, if I had like 100$ to spend on it every month ha ha... Now, I'm stuck unless I want to chop it all off....Naaaah. delete delete some more whining- see, Ms Robin..I whine and complain too, and I don't even delete all of it :) ..Oh well...anyway, I was just sitting here checking in on everyone and holding Lily on my lap with one hand and now realize that she has taken a pen and has drawn ALL OVER THAT HAND *sigh* . I was so concentrated on this one handed typing I did not even notice...either that or it is the peroxide fumes...hmmm I have to just laugh at most of these things...I really do. Hope you are havin' a great day!!