Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Dresses

Don't you love when you get them alllll dressed up...and then picture time is a total flop? I will narrarate their thoughts...Brianna "hmmm this is like TOTALLY not working mom" Anjolie "Oh..I see Lily's gifts, I wonder which one I will open first" Lily "GIVE ME MY CAKE!!!WAAAHHHH" there, see now this picture is not a total loss
Good job girls
mommy is alllllmost done and you look precious :)
The girls got matching Strasburg dresses for Christmas from my Mom and Dad...I dressed them up for Lily's B-day, but did not want to deal with covering them while they ate so we took them off as soon as pictures were done.... just imagine that they wore them the whole time ;)

Lily's Birthday

I caught these three behaving so well in the playroom while I prepared for Lily's Birthday :) Special times together with daddy, a snack and "sunday school" Brianna loves to play Sunday School.Yes, it really is December...after I took their dresses off, we told them they could pick something to wear....summer dresses is what they picked. And...of course not a smidgen of cake or frosting on either of them...Murphy's Law
Three ladies in waiting ....waiting to be gobbled up that is:)

Party time!!


Here is our little Birthday Girl. She is 1 year old today. She was born on New Year's Eve.
Daddy and his little birthday girl :)Yeah, Lily gets her cake!!..without the dress of course...birthday suit is easier to clean up!!:)
Get it Lily!!! MMMMMmmmmmmgooooood stuff!!

Friday, December 30, 2005

The Creation of Woman

A Commentary by Matthew Henry On Genesis 2:21-25 - I just thought this was so beautiful....please take time to read it...I know it is long, but it is such a blessing..

"Here we have, I. The making of the woman, to be a help-meet for Adam.... Observe, 1. That Adam was first formed, then Eve (1 Tim. 2:13), and she was made of the man, and for the man (1 Co. 11:8, 9), all which are urged there as reasons for the humility, modesty, silence, and submissiveness, of that sex in general, and particularly the subjection and reverence which wives owe to their own husbands. Yet man being made last of the creatures, as the best and most excellent of all, Eve’s being made after Adam, and out of him, puts an honour upon that sex, as the glory of the man, 1 Co. 11:7. If man is the head, she is the crown, a crown to her husband, the crown of the visible creation. The man was dust refined, but the woman was dust double-refined, one remove further from the earth. 2. That Adam slept while his wife was in making, that no room might be left to imagine that he had herein directed the Spirit of the Lord, or been his counsellor, Isa. 40:13. He had been made sensible of his want of a meet help; but, God having undertaken to provide him one, he does not afflict himself with any care about it, but lies down and sleeps sweetly, as one that had cast all his care on God, with a cheerful resignation of himself and all his affairs to his Maker’s will and wisdom. Jehovah-jireh, let the Lord provide when and whom he pleases. If we graciously rest in God, God will graciously work for us and work all for good. 3. That God caused a sleep to fall on Adam, and made it a deep sleep, that so the opening of his side might be no grievance to him; while he knows no sin, God will take care he shall feel no pain. When God, by his providence, does that to his people which is grievous to flesh and blood, he not only consults their happiness in the issue, but by his grace he can so quiet and compose their spirits as to make them easy under the sharpest operations. 4. That the woman was made of a rib out of the side of Adam; not made out of his head to rule over him, nor out of his feet to be trampled upon by him, but out of his side to be equal with him, under his arm to be protected, and near his heart to be beloved. Adam lost a rib, and without any diminution to his strength or comeliness (for, doubtless, the flesh was closed without a scar); but in lieu thereof he had a help meet for him, which abundantly made up his loss: what God takes away from his people he will, one way or other, restore with advantage. In this (as in many other things) Adam was a figure of him that was to come; for out of the side of Christ, the second Adam, his spouse the church was formed, when he slept the sleep, the deep sleep, of death upon the cross, in order to which his side was opened, and there came out blood and water, blood to purchase his church and water to purify it to himself. See Eph. 5:25, 26."

Lily's Birthday Cake

Yes...a litte tacky but...hey I tried. Lily's cake has homemade butter-creamcheese icing which did alot better than the store bought icing I used on the girls :( The icing was just sliding right off!! I quickly took this picture, but you can still tell the decorations are falling...oh well!! I know for next time right?
It's going to be a Strawberry Shortcake party, so I made little cakes for Na-na and Anjolie too.
Well, I went to order Lily's Birthday cake from Baskin Robbins, but they wanted almost $30 for this tiny little 9" round thing!! It was not even cute. Then I went to the commissary because they have some really cute kids packs and ....they were out of almost all of them. Sooooo I got really brave and decided to make it myself. I have only ever "helped" decorate one other cake with my friend who was patient enough to help I am pleased with how this turned out. I just used the Pampered Chef Easy Accent and baked the cake batter in the small batter bowl and then put the other half in a 9" round. I was upset that I put sprinkles on it :( and it looks a little gaudy, but the girls will love it ;) Not bad for someone who is not a cook and can barely ice a cake.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bathtime Lily Monster

She just looked so cute in her little towel after her bath (which she HATED) I had to share it. She is the only child I have that screams her entire bath time. Who knows...


No WONDER Brian is soooo agreeable to watch the girls so I can go to the commissary...mmmhmmmm. He puts them to work on his back!! I have no idea what in the world was up with the little head-band Brianna was wearing, but when I walked in and caught was hilarious. He knew immediately I had caught him and it was open and free for blog trash ;) LOL


I love this "Blue Letter Bible" site. I had been using it before to expand on my Bible studies because it has some great commentaries and research tools. Now they have a new Daily Bible reading plan that puts you on a schedule to read or listen to the Bible in a year. You have a few different options on how you want to do chronologically, old and new testament together (I'm doing this one)..and a couple of others. There is also an accountability feature in which you submit what you have read. The site pulls up the Bible passages right on your screen...Anyway, they have a free link you can post on your site to search verses etc..or just access their site. Check it out, it is in my Footer. You just type in the reference then hit the "get verses" icon at the bottom of the box (it's kind of hard to read). I keep forgetting to give my good friend :) my info so she can redo my template....isn't that soooo nice? Enjoy.

We Will See You in Glory

GreatMom Lottie B. She made that flight a few days after Brian's return flight. She drifted off to Glory. Brian was able to talk with her and pray with her. He is sure she knew her Savior and that He knew her.

Anjolie just today thanked God for her GreatMom Lottie B in her lunch time prayer. I reminded her that GreatMom was in heaven with Jesus...and she said she knew that :) Just made me a little emotional.

Serenaded By Angels

Words & Music by Kirk Talley

She went to sleep, one night, never here to awake again,
But everything was alright between her and Him
So she awoke in Heaven's courtyard, free from pain within
The angels gathered round her, and they took her by the hand

Serenaded by angels, up to the throne,
Serenaded by angels, finally at home
Surrounded by praises to the King
Welcome to paradise, the angels will sing

Now I close my eyes at night and I try to imagine
That City of brilliant light, waiting for me
But my mind can not conceive, so I'll continue to dream
Until I'm transported there, then I will be

Serenaded by angels up to the throne,
Serenaded by angels, finally at home
Surrounded by praises to the King
Welcome to paradise, the angels will sing

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Just Take a Walk

Yesterday, was a good day, but I just plain needed a break by the end of it. Sometimes it is hard for me to admit that I need a break, but the Lord made us in a way that we do need rest and refreshment at excellent time just to reflect on Him. Well, I was tired and getting grumpy so after dinner I just asked Brian if he minded if I took a walk..(of course he would not mind but it is nice to ask). It was freezing outside (to me), but I just bundled up and determined that I needed this time to be away from the house, kids etc. Brian let me use his diskman (is that what it's called?), I popped in the new worship cd my mom sent for Brian and set out. It was a very brisk 30 min walk, but wow what a difference it made. I just listened to the music and prayed and walked as fast as I comfortably could. When I returned, my hands and ears were like ice, but my heart was warmed by the ministering of the Holy Spirit. It was a very special time- no distractions, just me, a song, and my Lord. I was refreshed...I need to follow the Lord's leading more often, and take a break and just enjoy Him. It benefits the whole family!


I posted a while back about how I mailed my family's box to the wrong zip code. Well, I have been praying the whole time that someone would be kind-hearted enough just to look it up and change it for me. I really thought that they were going to mail it back to me here in Okinawa....WELL THEY GOT IT!! God is so good. He made sure they got that box...and in a timely manner considering it was sent to an Alabama zip first then had to make it up to Ohio in the middle of all the Christmas rush. Thank you Lord for your answer to my prayer.

Princess Lily

Here is Lily in her new PJs that she got from Grandmom and PopPop. She looks so cute in them!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Lapse in Brain Function

-yep one of the many hazards of pregnancy. I tell myself this often so as to not get too alarmed when I do such things as forget my phone number, write wrong zip codes on packages that need to be mailed overseas *ahem*, and this morning...taking Brianna to school...only there is no school today. You know, I woke up, went into auto-pilot. I fed the kids, dressed Brianna, packed her book-bag loaded everyone up and raced to school. As I pulled up to the desolate parking-lot I had to laugh. I looked over at Brianna who was looking expectantly at me for an explanation. She looked so pretty in her little uniform with a pretty white sweater and a bright red silky bow in her hair. I just smiled and told her how excited I was that she was still on Christmas vacation!! She looked confused (I don't know why...mommy just has not been herself lately) and said..."Well, is my teacher there?" poor thing, doesn't trust mommy's judgement...I guess I would not either under the circumstances. Anyway..I am truly happy that it is not until NEXT week that she goes back to school. As we came home from our little excursion Brianna said, half to herself, "silly mommy-taking me to school, and there isn't any"-gotta love it!!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Free Gift

This season brings so much emotion as I think over the years, and how far we have come. I think of all the friends I have made and how they have touched my life. The world has gotten so small! I can understand how someone who does not know Christ as their Saviour could get lost in it all. Praise the Lord He gives us all the direction, hope, confidence and security we need to live a life pleasing to Him. This past year, we as a family, have witnessed so much death-physical that is. Our dear Pastor's son in Iraq, a dear friend's heart-wrenching miscarriage, a newly-wed husband to yet another dear friend, and a loving Grandmother- all are in heaven! Praise the Lord!! But-it was because someone shared with them what they needed to do to be saved.

I look back to a time when I was not walking with the Lord...I was doing it my way, and failing in a most miserable way. Nothing can fill the void that everyone lost has, except the Holy Spirit....people try with everything they can think of-shopping, drinking, drugs, keeping busy, doing good deeds, all...distractions from the truth. Most things destroy them in one way or another. But, no matter who you are or what you have done...the Lord's saving grace is there for the taking. A FREE gift accepted by faith. It is a humbling simple 4 year old child is a recipient of this awesome gift, and it has been the biggest blessing to see the Holy Spirit working in unfathomable ways in her little life. If you know anyone who is lost, searching, flailing aimlessly towards a life of emptiness....the greatest show of love you can give them is the hope of the gospel. Why wait? People are lonely and miserable in their sin
For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.-Romans 6:23

This death is a spiritual eternal death-removal from God's grace. But everlasting life is a promise through the shed blood of Christ. We will, upon physical death be made perfect and spend eternity in heaven if we simply receive the gift of salvation. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life."John 3:16

Thank you my gracious Heavenly Father for my gift of eternal life-may I never miss an oppurtunity to tell of your saving grace. If anyone should happen to stumble upon this simple journal and wonder how they too can receive this most important gift, please let me know, even anonymously in comments. It would be a joy to share with you about your loving Saviour.

Christmas 2005

Lily is enjoying herself for her first Christmas
Lots of neat gifts!!
We followed a full morning of opening gifts, going to church with a Christmas feast!! I did the ham differently this year, and we really liked it...the secret ingredient? A can of Coke!! I put the ham in an oven bag with pineapple in juice, brown sugar, honey, marshmallows, and a can of coke!! I found a bunch of recipes online that added a can of I tried my own rendition yummmmmmmmmmy.

Christmas 2005

This is Little Lily's first Christmas, and she had a wonderful time.. did the other children ;)
They got wonderful gifts from their Grandma and Grandpa and Grandmom and Pop-pop. We did too!!
Merry Christmas!!

Twas the Night Before Christmas

and all through the house-not a creature was stirring...not even a mouse (but probably a gecko)
...visions of sugarplums danced in their heads.

We had a good Christmas Eve. We sat outside and sang Christmas Carols (quietly) and ate pop-corn while we waited for a local fire-works display that we can see from our back yard. The girls had a good time all bundled up in cozy blankets. Then we put them to bed and they drifted off to sleep.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Gettin' Ready for Baby the baby
Lily is just preparing for our new arrival :)This baby doll cries and moves, and Lily just LOVES it. She pats it and kisses on it. Don't think she will love the real baby quite that much at first...but this is a good start!

Daddy is on LEAVE

LET'S GET HIM!!! We are definitely enjoying having Daddy on Christmas vacation!! We went to the park, played hide and go seek, tag and then tonight had appetizers for dinner (they were nutritious...veggies, baked potato rounds, chips and salsa) all part of our saving up for our Christmas feast!!

'Tis the Season

I love this time of year to reflect and think about what is really important in our lives. I think about how Mary and Joseph must have felt sharing the birth of their Savior, but not by any means in the way they expected. Far from their minds when they first heard the news, I am sure, was the thought that our Lord would be born in a wooden manger...and even further that he would die on a wooden cross. The fact that He did not enter the world in the world's idea of a King's entrance, nor die a King's death (so they thought)says nothing of the Kingship of Christ, but only the depraved circumstances of our World.

I like to sit and day dream about how I think that my labor and delivery and those first moments with the new baby are going to be. Then, how emotional we feel right before the baby comes, and right after. In light of our Savior, Mary is just a blessed woman with no other signifigance, but she was a mother just like me. I can't imagine how those last moments must have felt....but then all that fades. Our Savior's Life and Sacrifice was so much more than about just being born. We celebrate our birthdays, but does the day we were born say anything about the life we are living? No, it doesn't. How wonderful it is though, to celebrate a life that came into the world to bring us hope, love, and most importantly, our salvation. There is not one life that is more celebrated than the life of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. How sad the world has no concept of this...but through God's grace, He has blessed this season with the outpouring and recieving of His Gospel through things like Cantatas and Christmas services. . Our ideas and ways of thinking are so far removed from God's, we celebrate, each according to our conviction, the remembrance of our Lord's life as a man. He lived a sinless life in a sinful world and then took our sins onto His perfection and died under the overwhelming weight and anguish of the world's darkness of sin then rose again to usher those of us who believe on Him into a glorious everlasting life. How can my heart not rejoice and sing of this wonderous, most Awesome Miracle!! This year, the day we celebrate Jesus' birthday falls on Sunday. Please pray that our churches will be full and hearts will be open to truly receive what Christ did to save us. Have a most Blessed and Merry Christmas my beloved friends and family.

Thursday, December 22, 2005


We had our Christmas Cantata this past Sunday evening. Brianna was allowed to participate in the children's choir...even though it is supposed to be ages 5 and up. She was so excited, we have a little video of her that I wish I could post :( Brianna was so animated and expressive I could not stop laughing!! She even got some nose picking and bottom scratching in ;) Yes...the moments we parents just LOVE..right out there for all to see.


Just a little Lilymonster update. Lily waves,claps, gives kisses, says momma dadda, uh-oh, please (peese) thankyou (da-to), wawa, and HATES to get a bath.
But, even when having a bad hair day, this little thing is in a good mood ;) She walks now (prefers to crawl), and still loves to be cuddled and held like a little baby. I think she is about the most cuddly baby I have ever known!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Correct Address

-wrong zip code. Have you ever just bent over backwards to get something done and get it done right, only to have a simple oversight wreck the whole thing?
Well, I did this very thing...with a Christmas box I was to send to my family in Ohio.

All of our Christmas things are in storage in the states, that includes all my boxes etc. So, I took all my gifts to be wrapped because the same company will pack and box it for shipment overseas as well...but only if they wrap it. I picked up the box once it was all ready to go. All I had to do was fill out some paper work address the box and take it to the post office to get it shipped in time for Christmas. Well, the next morning right after I dropped Brianna off at school, I raced over to the post office to beat the rush. Upon arriving, I saw a line already there, so I decided to park right by the window, and run in with the box while I watched the girls through the window (I hated to try and bring them in being sick and everything). BAD idea, Anjolie was bouncing around in there like a little ball, turning on my wipers, hopping over the I had to go out and re-buckle her in and run back in to get in line. Somehow in the midst of all this, I had written the wrong zip code on my parents box. I did not realize until I had gotten home and put the girls down for their morning nap (they were and still are sick) so I got the girls up, dressed them and headed back to the post office ...WITH the girls and waited in line only to find out..."the truck just left"...I was so discouraged that I have not even been able to get on here to update anything. The Lord knows, and whatever happens, happens.

The only thoughts I have on this are...the works we do here on earth. Are they treasures to be laid up in heaven? Do we do things because we want to be acknowledged or with the wrong heart? If so, they have the wrong zip code on them and won't make it to the right place. Our works are either for ourselves, or for the Lord, and if our hearts are not right with Him....our works will not be laid up for treasure in heaven. When tried by fire, they will be burned up... So, no matter what effort is put into something, if we don't have our relationship with the Lord right, or if we do something with the wrong motives...they won't make it to their destination. The Judgement seat of Christ...don't let an oversight keep your works from being laid up for treasure.

Daddy is Home!!

I picked up a very tired Brian from the airport on Saturday night...poor guy. That is a loooong trip. I thank the Lord that he could go and spend some priceless time with his grandparents and parents during this time.

His girls are so happy that daddy is home.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Little is Much

-when God is in it!
I woke up this morning feeling absolutely cruddy!! It must be the flu because my poor body is just aching all over!! I share this because there is no way I could have accomplished what I did today without the specific strength and grace from the Lord. There HAD to be some prayers that went up for me today because I felt them!!

I needed to make enough brownies with icing (yummmm cream cheese) today for 65 people which I thought would be no big deal, earlier this week. Well, Brianna woke up sick and had to stay home from school, Anjolie is still sick, and Lily was vomiting and various other fun things going on today. So, I loaded up my little sicklings and dropped Brianna's homework off at her school, and just prayed for the strength to make it through the day.

I got home, and all the sudden had plenty of energy!! I got most of the brownies finished while my 2 youngest napped and my oldest did a craft. Then, I even had energy to do my daily cleaning!! I was so really lifts my spirits to be in a clean house. After that, I gathered up my Christmas gifts to be wrapped and boxed for shipment, and went to the commissary AGAIN for some Dinner supplies and stuff to make Chai tea for Brianna's teachers! The whole time, I was just thanking and praising God for His grace. He is so AWESOME!! It just brings tears to my eyes to think that this morning I did not even know if I would make it out of bed!! I did not even take any medicine today....just a prayer pill I guess!! ;) Thank you to whoever prayed for me today...the LORD answers!! Heb 13:5 For He hath said I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee

The Balance

I am just so busy!! Don't get me wrong, I like being busy, but there is such a delicate balance. My dependance on God is very necessary to maintain it. Time is just going to fly until Brian gets back on Saturday. We had Awanas tonight (I am the secretary for Cubbies...I love it!!), tomorrow we have visitation, and it just happens to be my week to help with the baking :) Friday is Brianna's Christmas party at school then rehearsal for Cantata that night...and Saturday is dress rehearsal and a Christmas luncheon then Brian comes home!!! It is all I can do to keep up with the house, but hey if I have time to be blogging, then there must be time somewhere right? It is interesting how the Lord gives you just what you need to make it through. Someone asked me tonight "what are you going to do with the kids and stuff when Brian gets deployed" I should be panicked about it or something. The Lord ALWAYS knows what we can handle...HE NEVER tasks us above what we can do, and do victoriously, not just getting by. He will provide my every need to manage this family in a God honoring and glorifying way as long as I depend on Him for it and commit it to Him. He never said it would be why would we expect that? I don't...0 kids-4 is not easy, but life is joy filled when God is in it.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

More Sadness

Yet another friend who is a sister in Christ really needs to be lifted up in prayer today. Her husband of just a few months was killed in an accident at work early this morning. They were faithful members of our church in Yucca Valley and had just moved to Missouri. Her husband is a Marine Reservist. They were soooo young. Praise the Lord he was saved. But there are no words I can offer to express the grief I feel for her loss.

These things remind me of how much I take for granted, and how the Lord really is much bigger than any trial I will go through.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Crashin' Baskin

I was having kind of a rough day yesterday, and it kind of rubbed off on the girls. Insomnia has started...not unusual for me during pregnancy, and the heartburn etc. You know, "the fun stuff". So, last night after I had gotten the girls all dressed in their pjs and everything, I decided to take them to Baskin Robbins (they really need to change the name of this one because it has NOWHERE NEAR 31 flavors). They put their little slippers and robes on and we paraded out. At first I was just going to run in, get their cones and take them home, but since Brian is gone, I wanted to make it extra memorable for them. It was almost 7:30pm, and there were not that many people there, but the ones who were there enjoyed seeing my little munchkins all bundled and ready for bed eating their little cones. I am glad we did it. Then, we drove around and looked at Christmas lights and sang Christmas Carols. It was a pleasant ending for our day.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Could Not Help Myself

Being 6 and a half months Pregnant (my due date is actually 8 days earlier than posted) with Brian away, and the girls being in bed, left me with trouble to get into.

I have my Christmas presents on the table, and one of them in particular was just calling my name. It was a box of chocolates that I had gotten for my Dad (sorry dad). I was just CRAVING chocolate, and was not about to drag the girls out of bed to go get you guessed it. I just COULD NOT resist. You know how it is- pregnant woman craves, pregnant woman gets. Here is the little poem I offer as a little token of my misadventure.

The Box of Chocolates

It was a gift, special and new
all wrapped up just for you
Until this past unfortunate night
I tried, I TRIED with all my might
Not to look at that golden box
So I hid it under some Christmas socks
But as I looked on with shock and defeat,
My HANDS, they tore after the chocolaty treats
The bow, the wrapping, and the lid
I tossed aside, so nothing was hid
And then, I ate your chocolate delights
I enjoyed each one of the scrumptious bites
So, one by one they've disappeared
It's just as one might have feared-
An expectant woman left alone
has a right all her own
to satisfy a chocolate craving-
even your gift is not worth saving

"I'm Rowin' Away!"

It was another adventure out to the Exchange with the girls. Aside from the "can I have this" and "daddy said I could have that" it was a fairly uneventful trip. Anjolie, however had racked up some swats for standing up in the cart. I had Lily in the baby carrier part in the front of the cart. As I pushed them out to the car I warned Anjolie yet again about standing up in the cart and told her that she had better sit still in the cart while I got Brianna buckled in or the cart would roll away. I had just gotten both Lily and Brianna settled in and suddenly heard a panicked Anjolie. I turned to see her standing in the cart holding onto the end of the van with all her might "I'm rowin away mommy, quick I'm rowin away" It looked pretty funny, she did not realize that the cart was braced by the van, but it must have moved enough to scare her. Poor Anjolie, just had to test it...

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Cute for Kids

Candy Cane Poem
Look at a CANDY CANE, what do you see?
Stripes that are RED like the BLOOD shed for me!

WHITE for my Savior, Who's sinless and pure!

"J" is for JESUS, My Lord that's for sure!

Turn it around And a staff you will see ---

Jesus, my SHEPHERD, Is coming for me!

-not sure who wrote this, but it so cute!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Praise The Lord!! Please Pray...

Well, since Brian's Grandmother does not have much time left here on this earth, we really wanted him to be able to fly out to see her before she goes to be with her Savior. Also, being an only child, we really felt he should be there to support his mom and dad during all of this. So the challenge and prayer was for Brian to get emergency leave and a plane ticket ASAP. How is TOMORROW for ASAP? Yes, the Lord worked it out so that his leave starts tomorrow morning and his flight leaves tomorrow afternoon. Lord willing, Greatmom will schedule her flight to her Mansion beyond the Pearly Gates sometime after Brian arrives!! Please pray!!

Heaven's Gates

GreatMom Lottie B. and our girls this past summer

-are opening and preparing to welcome someone we love dearly. We are grieving over the temporary loss we will experience, but rejoice to know we will see her and spend eternity in heaven. No more pain, no more sorrow, she will be made perfect. There are no words, but sometimes a song helps me convey how I feel about someone or something. As I read the words to this song, it seemed to capture the strong faith she has in her "Sweet Jesus". She's ready when He is, and we will see her 'round the Mulberry Bush...even better -round the Pearly Gate. We love you so much GreatMom Lottie B. There are no words...for you have put a song in our hearts.
My Life Flows On In Endless Song
(How Can I Keep From Singing?)

Psalm 146:2 While I live I will praise the LORD; I will sing praises to my God while I have my being.

Words: Robert Lowry
Music: Robert Lowry

My life flows on in endless song;
Above earth’s lamentation
I hear the sweet though far off hymn
That hails a new creation:

Through all the tumult and the strife
I hear the music ringing;
It finds an echo in my soul—
How can I keep from singing?

What though my joys and comforts die?
The Lord my Savior liveth;
What though the darkness gather round!
Songs in the night He giveth:

No storm can shake my inmost calm
While to that refuge clinging;
Since Christ is Lord of heaven and earth,
How can I keep from singing?

I lift mine eyes; the cloud grows thin;
I see the blue above it;
And day by day this pathway smoothes
Since first I learned to love it:

The peace of Christ makes fresh my heart,
A fountain ever springing:
All things are mine since I am His—
How can I keep from singing?

Spirit Week

It was spirit week at Brianna's school this week, so every day she dressed up as something different. Unfortunately I only got pictures of 2 of the days. On Ethnic day she wore a Chinese dress (a Japanese Kimono is EXPENSIVE!!) but it was at the end of the day that I took the picture, so her hair is not as cute. I had flowers in her hair, but they obviously did not make it home ;) Today they get to dress up as a Bible hero, so she is Noah's wife. I explained to her how Noah's wife was such a strong Godly woman in support of her husband. It really caused me to think. How hard she must have worked and how difficult it would be to have faith in something that she had never seen before- rain and a flood. Noah's wife was a hero indeed. Brianna, during my explanation on what a Godly wife Noah's must have been, brought up how sometimes I don't support Brian...I asked her what she meant, and she said that sometimes we argue and disagree about things. (major heart crunch) It did, however, open the door to explain how I am growing too, and I learn from the examples set in the Bible, but it is heartbreaking to reap what we sow...even when we have asked forgiveness, those things leave a lasting impression on our kids.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Things I Appreciate About my Husband

I don't reflect enough on these things that are simple but mean so much.
-He gets excited with me when I show him my clean organized linen closet :)
-He says please and thank-you all the time
-He puts the toilet seat down (hey, I REALLY appreciate that-so do Brianna and Anjolie)
-He hugs me for no reason
-He turns off the tv to listen to me (rarely watches it anyway)
-Enjoys my cooking and lets me know it
-Never complains if I did not get to do my daily cleaning routine (due to other obligations or if I am just not feeling well), and pitches in if I need help to catch up
-Calls me (now ;)) to let me know he will be late for dinner.
-Has devotion with the girls and teaches them memory verses
-He thanks me for doing the laundry and taking care of the kids!!
-Puts the girls to bed himself almost every night
-Is a committed father who strives to lead his family in the Lord
-What do you appreciate about yours? (just fyi-even if you are not a blogger, you can post below anonymously under post comment) I know most of you who read it do not post, and that is fine too, I enjoy your emails ;)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Woman in the Mirror

It is so wearisome at times to do the constant battle against my flesh. The more I grow in the Lord, the more I realize how our every work in and of ourselves is riddled with false motives, pride, a want for attention, the list goes on. Only being filled with the Holy Spirit can keep our works for Him honest. Even as we grow in our convictions, we move into a realm of hypocrisy. Sure, everything looks squeaky clean in our dress, walk, talk, but our insides start to rot when we focus on these things and not the inside.

It is EASY to maintain an outward appearance of righteousness...the inside maintenance is always painful. I have seen people become deceived into thinking that they are spiritually mature because they have learned to walk and talk etc...and then judge others based on THEIR personal holiness choices rather than accept them for being in complete obedience to the light they have been given, one of those people is in the mirror looking right back at me. You know how I discovered it? By someone judging ME for not holding their views...of course at first you think to yourself "well, who do they think they are...don't they know who I am...why I've been saved twice as long blah blah blah" then I realize if I am experiencing this, the Lord must be bringing something to my attention. I have found that I am NEVER 100% innocent like I would like to think. Every single infraction I have experienced the Lord can point out to me how I failed in that general sin area as well somewhere. For instance, I don't just let my kids run around looking a wreck in public, I like for them to be clean and tidy...which we should do or this could be considered neglect...the same sin as me not being gentle in my tones with them....neglect and mistreatment....the same sin area-putting myself before my kids-self-love. We can do this in EVERY instance where we might be quick to judge is a distraction from our own failings.

Who is right with God? The one with the right heart. It is as simple as why is it so difficult? Stinkin Pride- it is around every corner where you LEAST suspect it. I know mine is, I find out when it gets hurt.

How in the world did I get off on this little tangent? (I know you are thinking that:) ) Well, I was reading an article on legalism. I never thought of myself as a hypocrite until I realized I was judging them (and many other things I'm sure) -how ironic!! I was reading this article thinking "yeah, I can't stand those pious Christians who think they are something blah blah blah...uh...hmm..that is pretty hateful and... WOW what a hypocritical heart I have..who do I think I am?!!"
This is an excerpt from the article-
"A "Pharisee" (or "pharisaical behavior") in this article refers to someone who, whether publicly or privately, manifests the negative or ungodly characteristics of the Pharisees as described in the Scriptures. Typically a Pharisee is someone who is more concerned with the outward "image" or the appearance they portray rather than true godliness and consecration of the heart. Christ characterized them as "hypocrites." Unfortunately, many of the traits of the Pharisees have endured the centuries and are quite obvious among many believers today."

The Lord's Grace to you in this battle that won't end until that wonderful day when we are caught up and made perfect! Thanks for letting me reveal that burden :)

Monday, December 05, 2005

"I think something is Crawling... my room" -Brianna called to us from her room. Since this was about the 5th time she "needed" us for something last night, we really did not take her that seriously. Also, she did not sound very panicked, just sort of matter-of-fact like. But, Brian went to check it out anyway just in case it was some huge spider or something that could hurt her. Nope, it was a gecko on the wall right above Brianna's head-board. She sat calmly while Brian tried to knock it off the wall, but he knocked right onto Nana's bed!! With that, Brianna said "AH! it's on my bed!" and leaped onto a sound asleep Anjolie in the next bed who remained asleep the entire time. It was just funny how even when she yelled about it being on her bed, she just seemed so matter-of-fact about it. Strange little girl...kind of like when she almost stepped on the baby rattle-snake at church in Yucca Valley...."look...a snake" like "oh look, a rock"...she certainly does not get that from me!! Brave little Nana :)

Sunday, December 04, 2005

At least 92 Souls SAVED!

This week of revival has wrapped up, with the final night being on prophecy...what will happen to those who are left behind to endure the tribulation. I believe there were at least 23 saved just last night, taking our total for the week into the 90s!!

There was an excellent turn out last night at our final service. Let me just give you an idea of what I mean by "turn-out"- my husband and I were taking care of the 3-4 year olds in a separate classroom, and we were told to prepare for 10-12 kids. We had a whopping 30!!!!! Yes, it was pretty suprising to see that many little booger-pickers (including 2 of our own) in one little classroom. Praise the Lord we had a dear lady offer to stay and help us. We watched Veggie Tales, played games, Brian did a devotion with the puppets, had a snack etc...(wow, sounds so organized being written down like person, things felt, and looked pretty chaotic) I am soooo thankful for the turn-out and the extra help we had, and boy did I get a GREAT night sleep :) You can actually view the services online at (sorry you have to cut and paste to your browser) just go to view messages once on our church's page.


The mark is not far off guys!! VeriChip offers these as well. One word of note, all newer versions of the Bible (ie everything except KJV) says that the mark of the beast is "on" the hand, but the accurate terminology is "in". How awful that the marketers of this thing even went on the 700Club (I read in an article, not personally a fan) to assure people of this very thing- that "newer" versions of the Bible must be more accurate, so getting it implanted is ok. Note also that on top of an implantation is usually a barcode of some sort, but only on merchandise so far.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Dinner for....15?

Ok, this week we have had not only revival services, but revival in lives!! It has been so amazing to see how the Lord works. There is no explanation except the Lord. There were 35 souls saved one night, and they just keep coming!! Well, on Monday I encouraged Brian to invite some Marines from his shop to the services... which he of course intended on doing anyway, but I told him to go ahead and tell them I will make them dinner if they come. Well, not alot was mentioned all week, but today, he calls me at oh...1:30pm and tells me that he has 10 Marines coming for dinner!! I was so excited, but totally unprepared. The Lord is so good to catch us at times where we HAVE to depend on him. I had 4 hours to make sure the house was spotless, pick up Brianna from school, plan a meal, and go grocery shopping...with all 3 kids....get them ready for church and myself etc. Let me just tell you that the girls played in the play room the whole time I prepared dinner, and Lily took a nap...everything went well. I know at least one of Brian's Marines raised his hand to accept Christ. It was such a blessing to participate in the Lord's work.

I Surrender All...

For about 2 and a half years now, I have felt to be prepared to support Brian in whatever the Lord calls him to do. Of course as wives we are to do this, but this was really impressed upon me...just to be quiet about it, so as not to sway him or distract him, but to be prepared for "something". About 6 months after I really felt the Lord dealing with me in alot of different areas at once, He started dealing with Brian. I still did not say anything to Brian about what I felt, but continued to pray and wait. Brian, soon after that, was called to work in the teen ministry and to be a Deacon in our church. I felt this was more training and light for our path. I just praise the Lord for the patience of those we were working with ;) It is so humbling to be called to serve because I, for one, felt (and am) so unworthy! Anyway, tonight, in front his Marines and the church, along with about 20 others and myself, Brian surrendered to full time christian ministry. We have no idea what or when, but my heart was 100% prepared. When I saw Brian's hand start up,( I made sure to wait for him so I would not affect his decision) mine was right next to his. The Lord truly has been preparing me for some time now...and I saw it come to reality!! So, I still have no idea what Brian feels the Lord is leading him to do..but definitely some type of full time ministry. The Lord still impresses on me to KEEP QUIET so he can hear the STEREO..;) We covet your prayers in this!!