Monday, December 05, 2005

"I think something is Crawling... my room" -Brianna called to us from her room. Since this was about the 5th time she "needed" us for something last night, we really did not take her that seriously. Also, she did not sound very panicked, just sort of matter-of-fact like. But, Brian went to check it out anyway just in case it was some huge spider or something that could hurt her. Nope, it was a gecko on the wall right above Brianna's head-board. She sat calmly while Brian tried to knock it off the wall, but he knocked right onto Nana's bed!! With that, Brianna said "AH! it's on my bed!" and leaped onto a sound asleep Anjolie in the next bed who remained asleep the entire time. It was just funny how even when she yelled about it being on her bed, she just seemed so matter-of-fact about it. Strange little girl...kind of like when she almost stepped on the baby rattle-snake at church in Yucca Valley...."look...a snake" like "oh look, a rock"...she certainly does not get that from me!! Brave little Nana :)