Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Dresses

Don't you love when you get them alllll dressed up...and then picture time is a total flop? I will narrarate their thoughts...Brianna "hmmm this is like TOTALLY not working mom" Anjolie "Oh..I see Lily's gifts, I wonder which one I will open first" Lily "GIVE ME MY CAKE!!!WAAAHHHH" there, see now this picture is not a total loss
Good job girls
mommy is alllllmost done and you look precious :)
The girls got matching Strasburg dresses for Christmas from my Mom and Dad...I dressed them up for Lily's B-day, but did not want to deal with covering them while they ate so we took them off as soon as pictures were done.... just imagine that they wore them the whole time ;)


Molly D said...

Oh my goodness...your girls are so adorable! :) My mom talks about your blog all the time so I came over to check you out...I think I'll put you on my daily reading list! ;)

Molly (Karen the Librarian's daughter, Betsy's mommy)

Heather said...

Thanks for checking it out Molly :) I just might have to add your site so I can see more pictures of your precious little baby, Betsy :)