Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Correct Address

-wrong zip code. Have you ever just bent over backwards to get something done and get it done right, only to have a simple oversight wreck the whole thing?
Well, I did this very thing...with a Christmas box I was to send to my family in Ohio.

All of our Christmas things are in storage in the states, that includes all my boxes etc. So, I took all my gifts to be wrapped because the same company will pack and box it for shipment overseas as well...but only if they wrap it. I picked up the box once it was all ready to go. All I had to do was fill out some paper work address the box and take it to the post office to get it shipped in time for Christmas. Well, the next morning right after I dropped Brianna off at school, I raced over to the post office to beat the rush. Upon arriving, I saw a line already there, so I decided to park right by the window, and run in with the box while I watched the girls through the window (I hated to try and bring them in being sick and everything). BAD idea, Anjolie was bouncing around in there like a little ball, turning on my wipers, hopping over the I had to go out and re-buckle her in and run back in to get in line. Somehow in the midst of all this, I had written the wrong zip code on my parents box. I did not realize until I had gotten home and put the girls down for their morning nap (they were and still are sick) so I got the girls up, dressed them and headed back to the post office ...WITH the girls and waited in line only to find out..."the truck just left"...I was so discouraged that I have not even been able to get on here to update anything. The Lord knows, and whatever happens, happens.

The only thoughts I have on this are...the works we do here on earth. Are they treasures to be laid up in heaven? Do we do things because we want to be acknowledged or with the wrong heart? If so, they have the wrong zip code on them and won't make it to the right place. Our works are either for ourselves, or for the Lord, and if our hearts are not right with Him....our works will not be laid up for treasure in heaven. When tried by fire, they will be burned up... So, no matter what effort is put into something, if we don't have our relationship with the Lord right, or if we do something with the wrong motives...they won't make it to their destination. The Judgement seat of Christ...don't let an oversight keep your works from being laid up for treasure.