Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Lapse in Brain Function

-yep one of the many hazards of pregnancy. I tell myself this often so as to not get too alarmed when I do such things as forget my phone number, write wrong zip codes on packages that need to be mailed overseas *ahem*, and this morning...taking Brianna to school...only there is no school today. You know, I woke up, went into auto-pilot. I fed the kids, dressed Brianna, packed her book-bag loaded everyone up and raced to school. As I pulled up to the desolate parking-lot I had to laugh. I looked over at Brianna who was looking expectantly at me for an explanation. She looked so pretty in her little uniform with a pretty white sweater and a bright red silky bow in her hair. I just smiled and told her how excited I was that she was still on Christmas vacation!! She looked confused (I don't know why...mommy just has not been herself lately) and said..."Well, is my teacher there?" poor thing, doesn't trust mommy's judgement...I guess I would not either under the circumstances. Anyway..I am truly happy that it is not until NEXT week that she goes back to school. As we came home from our little excursion Brianna said, half to herself, "silly mommy-taking me to school, and there isn't any"-gotta love it!!


Jamie said...

TOO funny! And I FEEL for you Heather! I do stuff like that! And I'm not pregnant!

Anonymous said...

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