Friday, December 02, 2005

Dinner for....15?

Ok, this week we have had not only revival services, but revival in lives!! It has been so amazing to see how the Lord works. There is no explanation except the Lord. There were 35 souls saved one night, and they just keep coming!! Well, on Monday I encouraged Brian to invite some Marines from his shop to the services... which he of course intended on doing anyway, but I told him to go ahead and tell them I will make them dinner if they come. Well, not alot was mentioned all week, but today, he calls me at oh...1:30pm and tells me that he has 10 Marines coming for dinner!! I was so excited, but totally unprepared. The Lord is so good to catch us at times where we HAVE to depend on him. I had 4 hours to make sure the house was spotless, pick up Brianna from school, plan a meal, and go grocery shopping...with all 3 kids....get them ready for church and myself etc. Let me just tell you that the girls played in the play room the whole time I prepared dinner, and Lily took a nap...everything went well. I know at least one of Brian's Marines raised his hand to accept Christ. It was such a blessing to participate in the Lord's work.

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Jamie said...

OH What a blessing! I am so glad you were able! And 10 marines! God is sooo good!