Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Crashin' Baskin

I was having kind of a rough day yesterday, and it kind of rubbed off on the girls. Insomnia has started...not unusual for me during pregnancy, and the heartburn etc. You know, "the fun stuff". So, last night after I had gotten the girls all dressed in their pjs and everything, I decided to take them to Baskin Robbins (they really need to change the name of this one because it has NOWHERE NEAR 31 flavors). They put their little slippers and robes on and we paraded out. At first I was just going to run in, get their cones and take them home, but since Brian is gone, I wanted to make it extra memorable for them. It was almost 7:30pm, and there were not that many people there, but the ones who were there enjoyed seeing my little munchkins all bundled and ready for bed eating their little cones. I am glad we did it. Then, we drove around and looked at Christmas lights and sang Christmas Carols. It was a pleasant ending for our day.


Elorra said...

Heather, you are adorable. I know it is weird to get notes from some stranger in Texas and I guess it probably feels like being stalked, but I love your blog. I updated mine today so I came to visit yours. You make me laugh and smile and even tear up. We are sisters in Christ so I have just made myself at home on your blog. I hope it is all right. I would love to email you. I have a military wife friend who knows someone in Okinawa. My friend will be moving to Italy in March, but she apparently has friends all over the world. I guess you do too, but I love, love, love making connections. Forgive me. It is the small town girl in me aiming to get out. Anyway, I don't know how to maintain anonymity in this public forum so I will just come over here to visit with you.

Karen said...

Heather...it's so fun to read about you and the girls. You have such a sweet family. I think you are really brave to do all you do with 3 little girls and a baby on the way! I saw your e-mail address...would you mind if I e-mail you too?

Love in Christ...Karen

Heather said...

Karen- sure!! I'd love for you to!!!