Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Woman in the Mirror

It is so wearisome at times to do the constant battle against my flesh. The more I grow in the Lord, the more I realize how our every work in and of ourselves is riddled with false motives, pride, a want for attention, the list goes on. Only being filled with the Holy Spirit can keep our works for Him honest. Even as we grow in our convictions, we move into a realm of hypocrisy. Sure, everything looks squeaky clean in our dress, walk, talk, but our insides start to rot when we focus on these things and not the inside.

It is EASY to maintain an outward appearance of righteousness...the inside maintenance is always painful. I have seen people become deceived into thinking that they are spiritually mature because they have learned to walk and talk etc...and then judge others based on THEIR personal holiness choices rather than accept them for being in complete obedience to the light they have been given, one of those people is in the mirror looking right back at me. You know how I discovered it? By someone judging ME for not holding their views...of course at first you think to yourself "well, who do they think they are...don't they know who I am...why I've been saved twice as long blah blah blah" then I realize if I am experiencing this, the Lord must be bringing something to my attention. I have found that I am NEVER 100% innocent like I would like to think. Every single infraction I have experienced the Lord can point out to me how I failed in that general sin area as well somewhere. For instance, I don't just let my kids run around looking a wreck in public, I like for them to be clean and tidy...which we should do or this could be considered neglect...the same sin as me not being gentle in my tones with them....neglect and mistreatment....the same sin area-putting myself before my kids-self-love. We can do this in EVERY instance where we might be quick to judge someone...it is a distraction from our own failings.

Who is right with God? The one with the right heart. It is as simple as that...so why is it so difficult? Stinkin Pride- it is around every corner where you LEAST suspect it. I know mine is, I find out when it gets hurt.

How in the world did I get off on this little tangent? (I know you are thinking that:) ) Well, I was reading an article on legalism. I never thought of myself as a hypocrite until I realized I was judging them (and many other things I'm sure) -how ironic!! I was reading this article thinking "yeah, I can't stand those pious Christians who think they are something blah blah blah...uh...hmm..that is pretty hateful and... WOW what a hypocritical heart I have..who do I think I am?!!"
This is an excerpt from the article-http://www.biblebelievers.com/Morton_legalism-liberty.html
"A "Pharisee" (or "pharisaical behavior") in this article refers to someone who, whether publicly or privately, manifests the negative or ungodly characteristics of the Pharisees as described in the Scriptures. Typically a Pharisee is someone who is more concerned with the outward "image" or the appearance they portray rather than true godliness and consecration of the heart. Christ characterized them as "hypocrites." Unfortunately, many of the traits of the Pharisees have endured the centuries and are quite obvious among many believers today."

The Lord's Grace to you in this battle that won't end until that wonderful day when we are caught up and made perfect! Thanks for letting me reveal that burden :)

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