Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Marine Wives

We are PROUD of our Marine husbands!

Yes, I used to be a Marine (for those who didn't know), but it's just not something I am proud of -because it was not of the Lord....Now, in all honesty, being the Marine wife and stay at home mom is far more challenging and much more rewarding than my time in the Marine Corps...the Lord has shown me a life truly worth living and I am proud to serve my Marine Husband.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Anjolie and Mom :)

Today we celebrate two very special birthdays ...Anjolie and my Mom's. I love that Anjolie was born on her birthday...just like my sister was born on her mom's birthday :) Anjolie is now 5 and it is so hard to believe that she has spent over half her life here in Japan ;) We were going to celebrate yesterday...because we are about a day ahead here in Japan...but something happened. Yes, we had a little mischief maker that decided that he would reach his wittle fingers up onto the counter and pull Anjolie's cake down (in the box)...yeah, we found him sitting on the floor with his little hand in the cake box just helping himself to Anjolie's cake-that she hadn't even seen yet! Again...I laughed. So, Anjolie is gettting to celebrate her birthday AGAIN tonight with a new cake :)

Brian leaves next week sometime, please pray for our children (and me ;) ) as this will be the longest they have ever been away from daddy..... I won't be posting much until he leaves....but I will be around to visit a bit, I hope :) Love you all!!-Heather

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cocok's Toes-A Date With Daddy

I secretly scheduled a double date for Anjolie and Brianna to go to get their toes done. I knew Brian would enjoy watching them get a little pampering session while sipping delicious tea. Enjoy the pics :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

When They Leave

I mentioned that Brian is deploying...he has been supposed to for over a year now and it just never happened. He was supposed to go to the sandy spot...never happened and then someplace else, but it just never happened. The Lord's timing is always perfect and the situation has always been in His hands. After all the "false alarms" we have been through concerning him leaving...I kind of got desensitized to Brian telling me "this time, I think it's for REAL" ;) Now, I guess the D0D has their planning done and Brian will in fact be deploying the beginning of next month, but not to the sandy spot. He is going to a place that starts with K and ends with a...he will be gone for about 3 months ( I feel almost guilty as my friends' husbands are leaving for over 4 times that!) and then he will go somewhere else for a few weeks...I can't explain how I feel. I feel thankful that he (probably) won't be gone longer, guilty because of my friends' husbands who will be gone long, and also sad that he has to leave at all. I can't help but worry about his safety-though, I know that he is just as safe there as here being in God's perfect will..and THAT is a comfort. These men who love the Lord and are HIS, are SAFER -even in what appears to be harms way being IN His will than they could possibly be anywhere else OUT of God's will. Almighty God is their keeper.

I guess, my heart is still "raw" feeling from knowing my friend Ash's husband has just left to the sandy spot for the next 13 months (my eyes fill just typying it) friend Lauren's husband has been gone for almost 6 Months (?)...Mrs McCada's husband...has a long way to go, Carmen's beloved is about to deploy, Lisa's just deployed for 13 months...and I just sit and cry for them, I really do. I am so proud of them, proud of their willingness, their faith in the Lord, their courage, their strength, their determination to continue on with their chins up. At the same time, my heart aches...the kids ask about them- "Is Tony's Daddy still at the war mommy?", "I'm so glad I got to sit in the Super Hero seats on the plane" ...they look up to them and know they really are heroes. Every time someone's daddy is not at church, my children ask if they went to the war....and my eyes fill....Please PRAY for these brave families. Yes BRAVE FAMILIES. I love them all dearly and love my Lord who will supply their every need.

When he gets back from his little trips, we will be getting ready to move tooooooo (drum roll please)pbpbppbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbpbp VIRGINIA BEACH :)

"Un TEEF", Stuff and What in the WORLD?

Okay, so having 4 little children very close together is NEVER as easy as it seems...and though I have learned to laugh at MOST of the things, sometimes I have little meltdowns too. But, I would not trade or change any of these moments for the world. Keep in mind that BUSY, these days, is truly an understatement folks :)

"What in the WORLD?"-what Brian said as a result of witnessing the after affects of "stuff" and "Un TEEF"

"Stuff"- pertains to the event I unfortunately forgot about until it was too late. Anjolie...for, who-knows-what-reason except *she's four*, decided that our bathroom sink needed to be stuffed with toilet paper...stuffed to the point of no return, well, I guess stuffed to the point of no entry of water with needs to drain would be more accurate. I had every intention of UNstuffing it before the "Un Teef" incident, but alas, my memory failed me (as it seems to do that LOTS these days).

"Un Teef"...this is what Ayden said when we found him in the above said bathroom leaning over a *flooding* (think mini waterfall) sink with 2 toothbrushes stuck in his mouth..."Un Teef!!" he insisted, as he stood on the toilet in his little diaper with his little sink waterfall cascading mercilessly over the sink rim. "UN TEEF!!", he cried (with the 2 toothbrushes, mine and Brians, still stuck in his mouth), when he saw Brian's aghast look as he stood on his very own porcelain "island" surrounded by water. My memory, concerning the toilet paper stuffed sink, was instantly jogged...amazing. Yeah, I laughed. Brian...not so much, especially when enlightened about the "stuff" ;)

Happy Birthday!!

This month holds some special birthdays in it. Today is my friend Pam's Birthday. She is a gift herself with her special talents and thoughtful ways. I can't even begin to tell you how thoughtful she is. I will post some pics soon of the beautiful things she has made and sent for our family (I am such a procrastinator-sorry Pam!). Please take a moment so wish Pam a very special "Happy Birthday". Thank you!

Friday, January 18, 2008


God is so good isn't He? I just want to say, that I am trying to be very careful in what I am posting because I truly believe that I should just keep pointing to God and how He has helped me *see* what He sees. I don't want my words to be misconstrued or used as a tool of harm against ANYONE, so, as you read, please only apply them to yourself instead of thinking of, *so and so* who really could use a talkin' to about her pride" ;). The *so and so* in my life is always ME-though I don't like to admit it...the Lord shows me all the time what a depraved state my heart is in and how it is riddled with pride.

The issues that have been placed on my heart are very very sensitive ones. To divulge my heart in its entirety would be reckless, riddled with human reason and not of the Lord, so, I am asking that you read with all discernment and prove everything with the Word of God. The Holy Spirit's work is never to be mocked or mimicked in any way by ANYONE. My job, as a wife and mom, is simple (in theory-HAHAHA). I will never be too little for God to use but I can get too *big* in a hurry if I in any way allow pride to guide me when helping others. I am to be a Biblical help-meet to my husband, a godly mother, a virtuous women, a soul-winner, and a teacher of good things to those women that the Lord brings my way who need encouragement. (Forgive me for not taking the time to add in verse links-maybe later I will add them in)

I will say that sharing my convictions, preferences, thoughts etc in a way that tries to mimic the work of the Holy Spirit or undermines the authority of the husband or Pastor is destructive and is evidence of the pride of life among other things. The transforming work of the Holy Spirit works from the INSIDE OUT! I know I said this before, but I can't stress enough that it is HIS work and never ours to try to change someone...our efforts to do this will always result in confusion and worse. We do not see clearly and are easily deceived, as women especially...we must consider this humbling fact of life and be ever prayerful when giving counsel.

The Lord uses relationships and people to teach such wonderful truths doesn't He?When determining the best way to encourage a sister in Christ...especially a new Believer or carnal one (being CAREFUL with that word), it helped me to observe the way my daughters interact. So, I share the following (WAAY too long-but hopefully helpful) list of observations ;) Brianna and Anjolie are 20 months apart. Because Brianna was born first, she will always be more mature, older, and have more experience. Does this mean in any way that Anjolie is inferior or WRONG in her lack of understanding or skill? Is she any less important? Of course not, I love them RIGHT where they are at. When they walk in their appropriate *age paths* (lol), they are so pleasing. When Anjolie tries to leap ahead and keep up with Brianna-she only fails miserably. Brianna will even (in her pride) try to encourage Anjolie to *keep up* with her and do the same things she does because she knows it will only bring her out on top and leave Anjolie to stare in the awful glare of her shadow. (Does this sound familiar?) On the other hand, just because Anjolie is younger does not mean she doesn't have strengths that Brianna can learn from. Brianna's pride rages when Anjolie's differing strengths shine through. I am so pleased when Brianna can set her pride aside and just be happy for Anjolie and enjoy her individual gifts. It is much harder for Brianna-due to pride-to learn from Anjolie than it is for Anjolie to learn from Brianna. Do you see some parallels? Since Brianna is older and more capable, she is expected to, IN LOVE and with MEEKNESS, help her sister when she makes her bed or tries to tackle some other task that requires more experience. The very second that Brianna allows pride to leak in- she is tearing down and NOT building up.

It is amazing how clearly I can discern the spirit in which the help is given (as it is for our Father in heaven when observing us). When a task, that Brianna has helped Anjolie with, is complete, Brianna is expected to stand down and allow Anjolie to receive the praise for a task well done. When Brianna allows Anjolie to recieve public praise, I take her aside in private and love on her and tell her how proud I am of her for being so humble and allowing her younger sister to be encouraged.

How does Brianna know when she is to help? She observes and quietly steps along side of her when she struggles, or Anjolie will ask her to help. Brianna is to help her in the task and not just take over and do it for her. Boy is that a tendency we have sometimes! Brianna's "help" is destructive when it is done in a way that causes Anjolie to feel shame for not being as mature or when she is critical or when the help is done in anger or pride..or with the desire for personal praise. Anjolie is best helped when she is approached with a pure desire to build up-she glows when Brianna praises and encourages her. It is hard sometimes for Anjolie to accept help from Brianna, but when Brianna patiently waits and encourages, Anjolie's heart is able to soften and accept the help that she needs from an older loving sister. Brianna seeks out oppurtunities to encourage Anjolie. When we consider one another, we will see that the opportunities to encourage are endless. I, as their mother, can see the bigger picture in what can be accomplished in their relationship as sisters. God has a plan in our relationships as well His plan is not seen in a competetive and prideful spirit. I can see how they can build each other up with kind words and loving actions. I can see how I can build others up by applying what I have learned through these observations. My heart is grieved when my daughters try to exalt themselves by belittling the other by actions, hints, words.... How our Lord must be grieved when we overwhelm or try to outdo another sister in Christ all for the praise of man.

When I am correcting Anjolie, it is NEVER a help for Brianna to chime in with ANYTHING...a well timed loving pat (rarely even a word) on the back is about the only appropriate action that is expected and well received of Brianna. A haughty look is corrected immediately and holds greater consequence than the stumbling of her sister. The only time Brianna is ever allowed to use any type of authoritive tone or what would be perceived as words of rebuke is if she is doing something that is of danger to herself or someone else...whether it be in words or actions. 99% of the time she is to leave any rebuke or correction to the proper authority...either to me or her dad, Pastor, teacher etc. So you see, Brianna's job, as the mature sister standing along her younger sister is to be "little"- to allow her sister to lean on her when needed, to be quiet and meek when she witnesses her sister's rebuke, to ALWAYS use words of encouragement, to supply a loving hug when she is sad instead of a cheery mocking song, and to allow Brian and I, under God, to be the undisputed authority in Anjolie's life. WE, as her parents, know where Anjolie is at in her growth, we know what she is capable of. For Brianna to burden her with her own personal idea of training or opinion only distracts Anjolie from her current course and causes her to be in sin as she is not doing what WE have told her to do. In the end, Anjolie ends up defeated and depressed because she will never be able to please or outdo her sister...they end up despising one another. Anjolie is NOT pleasing us when she is trying to keep up with her sister in areas she is not yet mature in or has not been instructed in. Anjolie is just learning to read and is gaining nothing by trying to tackle reading one of Brianna's readers. She does best just moving at the pace I have set for her-learning the basics for a firm foundation with Brianna encouraging her IN the course WE have set for her. I do ask Brianna to listen to Anjolie read and to help, but only what is within Anjolie's understanding and what is helpful to her at that time. It is never my desire to overwhelm either of them with tasks that belong to me. I only want for them to continue walking in their own paths-encouraging and loving one another. I am sure most of you could break this down alot better than I just did :)

When is Brianna expected to be big? She is after all, the big sister :) Brianna fills that role when she comes to Anjolie's aid against friends that would tear her down or tempt or hurt hurt her she can warn her of danger when she sees her doing something out of ignorance that would harm her. It is then that she is to come out of the "shadows" so to speak and use her wisdom and experience to protect and aid in a time of trouble-until I come. Brianna can *hide* Anjolie behind her and protect her, she can shield her from hurtful words or blows...she can usher her to the safety of my arms. She is never to leave her broken and alone as a *lesson* to her to wise up...or as an "I told you so". If Anjolie insists on doing wrong, Brianna is never to participate but to sincerely warn with the intent to protect and then get help. Even in this, an attitude of meekness is the only acceptable one. When wounded, even through her own doing, Brianna is expected to be that much more of assistance to her growing and learning sister. I hope I am conveying my thoughts clearly :)

God uses the people and our relationships to teach us. The relationship between my daughters has been most helpful to me and the Lord has taught me how I can apply what I have observed to my role as a fellow sister in Christ :) I must learn to be humble in both roles, for I am found as the younger sister and the older sister in this life. I hope you can examine this on a deeper level as the Lord leads you.

My posting is and will be sporadic. Brian deploys next month and my 4 little ones really need about 99.5% of my time these days :) Love you!! I think of you all often and wish I could *visit* with you more, but I know you understand!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

So, Now What...

Well, I just deleted the post that WAS going to go here because, well, I can observe scary symptoms and see that something is obviously wrong, but when it comes to prevention or *fixing* only God can do that. Real change...transformation of a life can only come by the work of the Holy Spirit and with a renewed mind which comes with a repentant heart and the daily reading, study, meditating on God's word.

We are known by our fruit...people can see, hear, *smell*, a prideful spirit long before even a personal conversation occurs, many times. My pride, *shaking head*...I don't see it coming..but it is sure to hit me in the behind on the way out of whatever exchange I got myself into. Lord God, renew my mind daily! Having said that, I am taking inventory, and I am asking the Lord to reveal to me that which I will have to give an account for-what did I do with what the Lord gave works, my words...are they gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble. The Lord has His own version of "Blog Slurper"..He has a Life Slurper which we will have to give an account for. Will I suffer loss? 1 Cor 3:11-20. Lord, purge the pride in my heart.

So, like it says, "Now What?". May I ask you to please please, I am pleading, read and study Romans 12 and Romans 14, then Ephesians 5, 2 Timothy 3, 4:1-5, Titus 1: 10, 2 and 3:1-11....and ask those that would, ( I know I am )to read it after, and in, much prayer in hopes of a renewed mind concerning the Lord's will for our conduct and the manner in which we should do all things. Ask your husbands to pray for you/with you concerning your place and conduct...I have in fear asked my husband to pray for me after the Lord has allowed me to see a warning of what could be if I am not in complete submission...a living sacrifice (NOT a dead one note). It is easy sometimes to be dead for Christ instead of living for Him.

We are to be renewed from the inside out...NEVER the other way around. In the process, we are at times rebuked,exhorted, confused, encouraged, and helped among other things, by the people in our lives. We must always go back to God's Word with anything test it. Correction comes from the authorities God places in our lives-primarily His Word...I need to stop looking for a way around that. We have gotten away from the important things -stepped out from under the authority God has placed in our lives and our families are suffering because of it. However humbling it is, we must get back under the authority of our God, our husbands, our was EVE that was decieved, and we continue to be decieved today...we continue to undermine our husbands by showing them a way that *seemeth* right and then we try to adopt someone else's light and lifestyle for ourselves. We must gather our OWN manna and EAT IT not throw it at someone else and so that it hits them in the eye to where they can no longer see clearly to gather their own.

I am praying about what more I should share about this...I really think the Lord IS stirring in hearts and convicting-He is convicting me! Praying for our minds to be renewed.

Gal 5:22-26 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. And they that are Christ's have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts. If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.Let us not be desirous of vain glory, provoking one another, envying one another.

I am so looking forward to the post that is hopefully in the makings concerning these things from Mrs Mishel at Seasons of Life :) no pressure or anything. I just know it will be such a help.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sowers of Discord

I have had a bitter reminder today of why it is so important to walk in truth and LIGHT and let my conversation reflect that walk. How can we encourage one another when we are so busy judging one another? I am not talking about exposing what the Bible calls sin...I'm talking about the doubtful issues ie.. who agrees with birth control or not, who is breast feeding or not, who has the most ministries AND homeschools, and uses whole foods, etc...not that those are not good things or that I don't enjoy some of those things- but to make it an issue of righteousness..Oh DEAR, things have been distorted and used to MAIM the ministry we have to our sisters in Christ!

Galatians 5:13,14 For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only [use] not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another. For all the law is fulfilled in one word, [even] in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
Are we truly exhorting one another or holding one another to some non Biblical standard that we have set so that we always come out on top? How many haughty looks have I given?...even if only in my mind...oh, the damage...the destruction, owed to pride. I am weary of it...on both sides I can be found a player in this destructive game in which no one wins...are you weary? Do you know of someone TODAY that you can encourage? PLEASE pick up the phone do it today...YES, that person that you just thought of as you read that, (before you even finish reading this poorly written post) they NEED your prayers and love.

When discipling or giving counsel as Christian women...we ((I)) need to remember that the Lord knows our hearts and motives. Too often we are confusing and placing stumbling blocks before Christians instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to do His work. The LOVE is missing...true Christian LOVE. Oh, my heart is broken for some dear friends. The devastating shambles I have witnessed of more than a few disillusioned Saints is more than my heart can bare. I pray that the Lord searches and tries my heart that I may not be one that contributes to the oppression and confusion of a sister Saint. Walk in His Light my friends and shake off the weights that distort His Word. Any distortion at all is an infection....purge me Oh Lord of any self-righteous pride...any belief that is apart from YOU.
Gal 5:18, But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law.
I cannot even know my own deep thoughts....Lord keep my heart and my tongue.

Psalm 139:1 O lord, thou hast searched me, and known me.
edited to say that this post is NOT about some falling out or issue in my church...this is just something that I am seeing more and more of in the real live world and cyber world....and it is really a very scary thing

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

For the Grandparents :)

I'm not sure if all the relatives can access the video below, so I wanted to post some pics :) The girls and Ayden are having a wonderful time and enjoy their gifts...thank you! We are back to schoolwork today...I must say that I had a hard time gettin' goin'! I will catch up with you all soon! Thank you for all the comments below..I read each one...I just don't have a moment right now to comment. Love you guys so much!!