Friday, July 02, 2010

If Only My Heart Could Write

There's much to be said. If only I could open the door to all my soul has been witness let you into my mind's eye...all of it. If I could let you see the good and the bad, how the Lord used it all and how He was so close like a shadow on my hand, how he bound my aching heart, planted my every unsure step, righted my every wandering thought, forgave the wrongs and made the bitter waters sweet, turned my fears into strength...oh, if I could somehow pour it right out onto this page so you could see that the LORD He is my everything. He is my strength, my unchanging unmoving ROCK. When everything around me was shaking and no-one else could understand, it was only then that I would really lean on only Him. It is His peace that wraps my countenance even when my heart melts with sorrow and regret, if only I had the words to lift up His worth. Yes, there's much to be said about my Lord who has sustained and continues to sustain me. He draws me ever close. I don't have the words at the moment, not sure I ever will, but I may make an attempt here soon to tell of His latest generous pouring out of grace and mercy to my ever thirsty soul.