Thursday, October 11, 2007

God is So Good

:o) Hi, I feel so much better now. A friend of mine, Lauren ;), whose husband is deployed mind you...brought me some beautiful sunny flowers to brighten my day...I can't TELL you what a blessing she is. She is *always* thinking of others. Then, the Lord did some much needed "house cleaning" in my heart after much prayer and a wonderful conversation with my good friend *P* :) My heart was so cluttered with trying to make things complex and her simple statement, "I guess all we really have to complain about our own sinfulness". I tell you, that simple statement just *opened* my eyes so I could see where I was at and I suddenly-I was again filled with joy. That *is* all I have to complain own sinfulness. Yes, the simple truths are the best.

And, it looks as if we will probably get on this next flight in a couple of hours. But if we don't, God is indeed in all times. So, I won't be on here for a while, but know that I appreciate each and every one of you dear readers. God is so good all the time...ALL the time :) Thank you for caring. Love-Heather

Monday, October 08, 2007


Women are the weaker vessels...and I am probably on the weaker end of the weaker vessel line and having a very fragile day.

Do *you* ever feel misunderstood like you never quite *fit* with anyone? I do, lots. It is my fault, I am sure....I wear my heart on my sleeve..or blog rather. Where there are many words, there is much room for misunderstanding..criticism...sin. I look back over this blog that I have kept for the past 2 years and think about the kind of picture I have painted of myself. You definitely have seen some of the rougher sides as the bumps in the road serve to be inspiration to post ;) -sorry about that. And you know what, it really doesn't matter, because this is *my* reality, my current season-and this is an open book-in a sense. No, I don't share many of the circumstances (completely) that surround my posts about struggles or how the Lord is working, but I do share my heart. There are no frills, just me, typing my thoughts (poorly) or sharing what the Lord is doing in my life, and it is usually done with about 20 interruptions- to take care of more important things like helpling Lily in the bathroom *ahem*.

I am always humbled when I read your thoughts, my friends, my heart aches with you, I worry for you, I admire Christ in you, notice your personal convictions, wonder at your talents, and then, I head back to my thoughts, and can't help but feel forlorn. I briefly thought one time that perhaps I *should* change the "face" of my blog, but then you would only see one side, and I am not very good at that. I am definitely a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kinda gal.

When I am feeling a bit hurt and distant, as I am now, I probably should not post. I don't know, today, I felt lonely. When I get lonely, I curl up with my Lord and our time is so sweet. Just me, alone with Him. It's a shame that I wait until I get lonely to really *curl up* in His lap and let His words sooth my soul. It's so wonderful to spend time with the One who won't let me down, who never changes, who knows my heart through and through. Oh, how I love Him. He made this vessel to suit Himself...I can rest in that.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

He's Able To

...cause non-refundable tickets to be refunded :) My husband spent almost 2 hours of reasoning with the ticket agent (very polite middle-person of course) and surpervisor (who, by the way, sounded very foreign and could have *cared less* that we were military), we pulled what we thought would be a winning Act of Congress.

The Vision 100 Century of Aviation Reauthorization Act section 427 states, "Declares the sense of Congress that each U.S. air carrier should: (1) establish for all members of the Armed Forces on active duty reduced air fares comparable to the lowest airfare for ticketed flights; and (2) offer flexible terms allowing them to purchase, modify, or cancel tickets without time restrictions, fees, and penalties." We thought an Act of Congress for sure would back us until they said..."Oh, we know about that"...and nothing else. They would not agree that we had indeed purchased refundable tickets even though we paid $100 more for them than a regular ticket-to this rebuttal they had no explanation. So it was an "Oh, so sorry our ticket agents were wrong, but YOU LOSE" type of attitude....*cough* whaaaa?? (This is a MAJOR airline..not some little discount one either)

FINALLY, Brian just said something along the lines of "I'm sorry that your ticket agents were wrong (yes, we confirmed them through 2 ticket agents!), I am not trying to make money or hurt your business, but the only reason you have my money is because I purchased refundable tickets..why would I pay an extra $100 for a regular ticket...???". So instead of being willing to just let us change our dates-which is what we really wanted to do- they just cancelled our tickets and gave us our money back. I'm sorry, but is that not A REFUND?! *laughing* Well, instead of breaking my brain by thinking to hard about it..I will just Praise the Lord...He is Able :0)

We are trying for a flight on Monday morning..(your Sunday)...if that doesn't work we will try again next Saturday. We were supposed to check in tonight at like midnight for a "big plane" mission, but it was cancelled as there is a very strong typhoon passing by. Thank you again for your prayers!!!


So, we didn't get on the, we knew that space-a (space available ) flying is very "iffy" and you have to be flexible...that is why we purchased refundable tickets...or we were TOLD we did.

Yes, we called the airline that sold us our tickets to try and change our flight date and they are trying to tell us that they are NOT refundable...there was an act of Congress as well that states that even if we had NOT purchased refundable tickets...they were to allow us to modify our tickets due to the constraints on military travel. Like not knowing if leave will be a travel etc. We have been on the phone with them for over an hour now trying to resolve this. They are now saying that the ticket agent that sold us the tickets "didn't know any better!!!" Can you believe this? I don't know what to think. I have been giving the whole situation to God over and over today. He knows. May we walk in His will and please pray for us...I am about in tears. What was really neat though is that Lily (2.5) asked me to sing "He's Able" to her before putting her down for her nap. Now I have that running through my head :) He's Able, He's Able, I KNOW He's Able, I know my Lord is able to carry me can that NOT bring a smile to my face? :)

Friday, October 05, 2007


Okay, we went to put our name on the list for our space available flight and it just "happens" to be full with people changing station...just last week there were 20 open seats. SO, if this is the Lord's way of keeping us safe then, okay, but if not PLEASE pray for 6 very possible cancellations!!! *sigh* just waiting on the Lord. If this flight is not available...we will have to fly on a military cargo plane (sob) a C-5 and go a very long route around on Sunday..through Guam, Hawaii, Ca and then finally TN and THEN book a flight to Ohio....ugh, but if that is what is God's will...I will praise Him. PLEASE PRAY for us. Thankyou

Learning Lately...

In Faith Bible class we were looking at the plagues that led up to the Exodus of the children of Israel. I *love* how I am always learning something new in a well read portion of scripture. God shows Pharaoh how powerless his gods are in a pretty ironic way...the account is in Ex 7:15-11:10; 12:29-30

The entire study is fascinating!

The first plague in which the water turned into blood was aimed at the gods of Egypt, yes as were all the other plagues, but this particular plague interested me (and for sake of time will just mention this one). I learned it was aimed at Osiris (another name for Tammuz), a fertility god of land and vegetation whose resurrection was pictured in the annual overflowing of the Nile. (*shaking head* Satan, always tricking people with imitation.) The Nile was considered the bloodstream of Osiris. How ironic.!! was like God was believe it is the bloodstream of a false god and put it before me...then you shall have your "god's" bloodstream- which in turn killed everything in it and smelled of putrid death. The other gods, Hapi, Isis, Khnum and other gods associated with the Nile were also shown to be powerless and non-existent. Notice also, how the magicians could do nothing to purify the water, but they could only use trickery to make the problem worse. I would love to go on, but this point in and of itself is remarkable all by itself for today...the whole study of Exodus in this course is amazing.
As I remembered and thought on this lesson, I thought of how it applies to us today. The Lord *continues* to allow us to see that our "god's" are powerless and an abomination before Him. No, I don't have any graven images, but when I trust in my own wisdom and strength and allow pride of life as a god set up before Him...He reveals to me the folly of my idolatry. He allows me to stumble when He sees me clinging or even resting on anything other than Him. His loving chastisement helps me to see that the very thing I was trusting in or trying to glean personal glory from will be the very thing that has no power and only serves to humiliate and repulse me. These "bloodied Nile" experiences send me to my knees before my One and Only Almighty God asking His forgiveness and asking for the grace to lean only on Him. Lord, please continue to show me the false gods that I allow to creep into my life with even one foolish thought-tear them down-allow *me* to be repulsed by my foolish idolatry as the Egyptians were repulsed by their blood filled Nile.
I continue to be in awe of our Almighty God and find all the time how He uses His Word to convict and guide me.

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Treats On A Slippery Slope

1Thess 5:22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.

Slippery slopes are all around us. I find I step dangerously close to many...and the Lord loving guides me away and shows me where I could be guiding my child toward a slippery slope. Would I allow my child to get a piece of candy if it meant she must work her way down a slippery slope in which she could suddenly, without warning, tumble all the way down and be dashed to bits on the rocks below? No, of course not, well what if the risk didn't look too I let her step on the slope that *one time* to get a piece of candy, or a prize, or recognition...what message does that send to my child? It conveys a message that it is ok to take a risk of Biblical compromise if there is a "treat" that may be obtained by it. It also leaves to her the treacherous task of discerning which slope is safe and which is not-whether the risk is worth the prize. You see where I am going with this, I am sure. With every slope the child, then teen, young adult etc tests and challenges...the closer, in their confidence in themselves, they step to the slope that will ultimately send them to their destruction. When did the danger begin? When did they begin to drown in pornography, alcohol, drugs, the occult...etc? On that first step my friend..the one that looked so harmless. The Lord has shown us that allowing our children to take part in Trick or Treating is one of those slippery slopes.
When our 2 oldest were toddlers, we did what the rest of the neighborhood did...dressed them up and took them to some friend's houses for candy. Do you see how "harmless" it all seemed? Our justification? They were dressed as harmless princess like characters...they were going to get candy for looking cute. Again, even one step on a muddy slope is a step headed for disaster in which your feet could suddenly lose control and give way to the slickness of the mud and the next thing you know, you find yourself in over your head in the murky mire of consequence wondering how you got there. We were convicted about this seemingly harmless compromise very shortly after that Halloween night and have abstained from participating in the appearance of evil ever since. We should all be on the look out for those slippery slopes of compromise, I find them all around us. The Lord does not bless the appearance of evil so why allow a child to participate in something that not only appears evil but IS evil? The treat a child gets for Trick or Treating is not worth the destructive message of compromise they get from a Christian parent.
Theresa thoroughly covers the dangers of Halloween in her post here.
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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Remember Them

I am thinking too of my dear friends...who are missing their husbands and their husbands are missing them. I appreciate you and am praying for you. I am praying for those of you preparing for your deployment. You can count on our support and our smiling faces welcoming you home.

When the Marines were first coming back from Iraq we would listen to the radio and drive to where we knew the bus carrying them would be and wave flags and show our support. We then, when meeting a friend who was returning, went to the reception area where the Marines offloaded. It was a beautiful sight to see all the reunions, but it was also heartbreaking to see the single Marines, whose families lived too far away to meet them, standing to the side with no happy welcome...just watching and waiting to go back to their Brks. We walked over and shook their hands and welcomed them home. Remember them.


OKAY, so I need some specific praying, people, concerning our Space-A flight. It won't suffice to pray for just 6 available seats...they will ALL be available if this typhoon hits when expected and we sure don't want to fly in 50knot wind. I NEED prayer for 6 available SAFE seats that will carry us *safely* to our connecting flight on the West Coast of the States...preferably ON TIME. We *desire* this flight to be without incident -of any sort-but should it be with incident, I guess I can look on the bright side of Blog material and more importantly yet another testimony to God's Grace in the midst of storm (and there goes that twinge of fear again-though I *know* I am in His care). But should it be the Lord's will for us to fly on a different day, please pray that we not be too delayed or have to be rerouted through any other random country...boy, that would be an adventure, now wouldn't it? ;). Thank you so much! Oh my, I am *chuckling* at the idea of blogging "HELP" to you all from some stinky smoke filled internet cafe of some third-world country surrounded by my 4 children...can't you just picture least my stroller (thank you Brian) is fixed and all 4 wheels now touch the ground ;).

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Terrorism And Cancer

Will it just go away?
The Definition for Malignancy: A tumor that is malignant, that is cancerous, that can invade and destroy nearby tissue, and that may spread (metastasize) to other parts of the body

This post was inspired partly in response to readingthis article about the Dems slamming Rush Limbaugh about his using the phrase "phony soldiers" a conversation concerning pulling troops out of Iraq. Apparently there are some liberals offended for the "anti-war soldiers"...

Let's begin with looking at those who are organized to fight the malignancy that is terrorism. The term, Anti-War Soldier, is just ridiculous in my opinion because of the Oath that the supposed Anti-War Soldier took when he/she enlisted.
Even the disgruntled enlisted are not anti-war...they are usually anti-ridiculous politics, anti-poor leadership or anti various other issues that you will have with any job, but they support their President and Country, even if it requires their very life. If they have a negative opinion about the war or some decision that they personally don't agree with, they don't run to the media with it. The media and the liberals have taken entirely too much *liberty* to speak supposedly in the name of the soldier whom they think does not support his/her Commander in Chief.

When a Marine enlists, he/she takes this oath-

"I (state your name) do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to the regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God."

Does this OATH alone make one a Marine? NO, but it *is* a promise that regardless of whatever belief system the Marine has, regardless of personal opinion..he/she has ENLISTED into the ranks of a Fighting Force that defends...all that was stated above in the oath..with his/her life if so needed. This isn't the's the Marines-or Army or any other Govt funded, trained and equipped fighting force. It is in no way like some Hollywood Movie contract. It is my opinion that no active duty military person should be allowed to speak to the media in a way that would undermine their country, the President or the stance they took when uttering his/her oath.

Now, I *understand* that some enlist without knowing what they got themselves into (I was one, *many* years ago)...they may not agree with all of the calls our Govt makes, but it is still their (as it was my) responsibility to finish their agreed contract and uphold the oath they took to support and defend the constitution and this country even if it means they will lose their life in defense of it. All that said...the reality of this particular war is that the U.S. may not have what the *world* would consider a victory in the war against terrorism, but then again, we know the World gets only what the media shows it.

It helps to think of Terrorism like a Cancer because it behaves like one...please look again at the definition for Malignancy. Do we ever *give up* fighting Cancer? Should we? Should we pull back our efforts? Should we criticize those who have made mistakes along the way in their research and drug trials? Do we *ever* give up research or practicing medicine? No, of course not. We continue to fund research and any other necessary means in hopes that we might find a "better" treatment to combat the disease and possibly even a cure! Would Drs ever consider Cancer research an effort of futility that should be abandoned? No, they continue to try different angles of attack, they continue to *practice* medicine. Now, think of this- what if a few supposed Anti-Fight For A Cure Drs (see the ridiculous term?-kinda like Anti-war soldiers) spoke out and said that tax-payers and everyone else is wasting money on this fight against Cancer. How would this make the Drs who were "in the fight" feel? Would it not be discouraging and possibly affect their efforts in a negative way? How would it make the cancer patients feel? Would it go against the Drs Hippocratic Oath to go to the media with such a derogatory statement that undermined their duty while serving in the medical field? I am sure you get the point. Terrorism is the Cancer we are fighting in our World now. The situation is always better if we are fighting it...we should be willing to "go down" fighting it. Save your critical personal opinions. In the heat of the battle, there is no room for it, it is detrimental to those who are fighting and to those who are sacrificing and or suffering due to the horror of terrorism and the consequences of this war against terrorism.

Instead of criticizing, why not get to know what those who are fighting this "cancer" are like? Turn OFF the news...go *talk* to a Marine, a soldier, a Corpsman, etc...get the story straight from the front line. ASK and you can find out about the "good things" that are happening "over there". Choose to walk among the heroes by welcoming them home at the airport...or on the street, listen to their will find courage, strength, and I am positive you will hear more than a few testimonies to God's Saving Grace in the midst of them. You won't find Anti-war soldiers among these returning warriors. You will find young men and women who want to know they are appreciated for their efforts in fighting the "disease", you will see also the flag draped coffins who gave their ALL in the fight. You will see the families of the brave, just as patriotic as ever, clutching the hand of a husband who lost a limb in the fight. Do you see any signs of protest among these? No, there is no room for any criticism in this War against Terrorism. And Mr. Anti-Cure if you have that gumption in you to criticize, I guarantee, it would melt away in the presence of one of these brave souls who took an oath to support and defend- and stood by it.

So, my liberal friend, if one would even stumble into this neck of the blogosphere, you *can* choose to sit back, and complain about the money that goes into defending your way of life, maybe it will continue to distract you from the guilt you feel from taking your way of life and freedoms so lightly, or you can support a Nation blessed by God, though undeserving. You *can* continue to blame those that would stand for what is right, for the country's decline both morally and ethically or you can educate yourself and see that historically, your perverted and God-hating way of life is exactly what led to the ultimate destruction of even the most mighty kingdoms, dynasties, nations, tribes, communities, towns, families, people. It is *that* perverse wickedness, and yes, another "cancer" of sorts, which you seek to defend that will ultimately be burned up with the rest of this old sin cursed earth, in the end. The Bible tells of a remedy for this cancer, a miraculous healing if you will, and that is belief on the Lord Jesus Christ and trusting in His shed blood as payment for your sin. If you don't believe the Bible, well, this country was founded on BIBLE it or not...the truth doesn't get more real than that. America has been blessed because GOD has not yet removed HIS hand. And, dear American, THAT is the Nation these soldiers stand for...a GOD Blessed Nation-though so undeserving. There are many different types of cancer...many different consequences of sin. Choose to stand and fight for what is right-go down fighting the cancer that is terrorism before it metastasizes...oh wait, 9/11, it already has.

For more pictures that you won't see in the news go HERE and then when you have time read " DEAR AMERICA,"by LT Brown USMC in which he states..."As a citizen of the United States and a U.S. Marine, I will be able to sleep at night with nothing on my conscience, for I know that I, and my country, have done as much as we could for these people. If we leave early, I will not be able to live with myself, and neither should you. The blood will be on our hands, the failure on our watch. " I added the bold to the text.


Anjolie and Lily were in the back seat of the van talking when I heard Anjolie tell Lily in disgust-"YOUR breath STINKS, Lily, IT smells like a CENTIPEDE"- ooookay so apparently they stink pretty bad.

In my Sunday Evening 3&4 year old class, the missionary reading the story asked what the black colored heart was to remind someone of...I. raises his hand. "Yes, I.?" his cutest little almost 4 year old voice he says, "Icky stuff"...the missionary wants a more specific answer..."Ok, what is the 'icky stuff' called I.?"
Little I. says in a tone that said "you asked for it"..."icky stuff is pooop". I about bit my lip off trying not to laugh at the flabbergasted look of the missionary teaching the class.

Travel Mercies

Please pray for us as we take a trip back to the states. We are taking a Space-Available flight (military) and we are praying there will be 6 seats available for us. *Please* pray that we will be able to fly in pretty directly (on a normal passenger plane) instead of "hopping" all over the place. I don't want to post too much info on this public blog, but I do covet your prayers in this. Thank you so much :)