Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Terrorism And Cancer

Will it just go away?
The Definition for Malignancy: A tumor that is malignant, that is cancerous, that can invade and destroy nearby tissue, and that may spread (metastasize) to other parts of the body

This post was inspired partly in response to readingthis article about the Dems slamming Rush Limbaugh about his using the phrase "phony soldiers" ...in a conversation concerning pulling troops out of Iraq. Apparently there are some liberals offended for the "anti-war soldiers"...

Let's begin with looking at those who are organized to fight the malignancy that is terrorism. The term, Anti-War Soldier, is just ridiculous in my opinion because of the Oath that the supposed Anti-War Soldier took when he/she enlisted.
Even the disgruntled enlisted are not anti-war...they are usually anti-ridiculous politics, anti-poor leadership or anti various other issues that you will have with any job, but they support their President and Country, even if it requires their very life. If they have a negative opinion about the war or some decision that they personally don't agree with, they don't run to the media with it. The media and the liberals have taken entirely too much *liberty* to speak supposedly in the name of the soldier whom they think does not support his/her Commander in Chief.

When a Marine enlists, he/she takes this oath-

"I (state your name) do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to the regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God."

Does this OATH alone make one a Marine? NO, but it *is* a promise that regardless of whatever belief system the Marine has, regardless of personal opinion..he/she has ENLISTED into the ranks of a Fighting Force that defends...all that was stated above in the oath..with his/her life if so needed. This isn't the BoyScouts...it's the Marines-or Army or any other Govt funded, trained and equipped fighting force. It is in no way like some Hollywood Movie contract. It is my opinion that no active duty military person should be allowed to speak to the media in a way that would undermine their country, the President or the stance they took when uttering his/her oath.

Now, I *understand* that some enlist without knowing what they got themselves into (I was one, *many* years ago)...they may not agree with all of the calls our Govt makes, but it is still their (as it was my) responsibility to finish their agreed contract and uphold the oath they took to support and defend the constitution and this country even if it means they will lose their life in defense of it. All that said...the reality of this particular war is that the U.S. may not have what the *world* would consider a victory in the war against terrorism, but then again, we know the World gets only what the media shows it.

It helps to think of Terrorism like a Cancer because it behaves like one...please look again at the definition for Malignancy. Do we ever *give up* fighting Cancer? Should we? Should we pull back our efforts? Should we criticize those who have made mistakes along the way in their research and drug trials? Do we *ever* give up research or practicing medicine? No, of course not. We continue to fund research and any other necessary means in hopes that we might find a "better" treatment to combat the disease and possibly even a cure! Would Drs ever consider Cancer research an effort of futility that should be abandoned? No, they continue to try different angles of attack, they continue to *practice* medicine. Now, think of this- what if a few supposed Anti-Fight For A Cure Drs (see the ridiculous term?-kinda like Anti-war soldiers) spoke out and said that tax-payers and everyone else is wasting money on this fight against Cancer. How would this make the Drs who were "in the fight" feel? Would it not be discouraging and possibly affect their efforts in a negative way? How would it make the cancer patients feel? Would it go against the Drs Hippocratic Oath to go to the media with such a derogatory statement that undermined their duty while serving in the medical field? I am sure you get the point. Terrorism is the Cancer we are fighting in our World now. The situation is always better if we are fighting it...we should be willing to "go down" fighting it. Save your critical personal opinions. In the heat of the battle, there is no room for it, it is detrimental to those who are fighting and to those who are sacrificing and or suffering due to the horror of terrorism and the consequences of this war against terrorism.

Instead of criticizing, why not get to know what those who are fighting this "cancer" are like? Turn OFF the news...go *talk* to a Marine, a soldier, a Corpsman, etc...get the story straight from the front line. ASK and you can find out about the "good things" that are happening "over there". Choose to walk among the heroes by welcoming them home at the airport...or on the street, listen to their stories...you will find courage, strength, and I am positive you will hear more than a few testimonies to God's Saving Grace in the midst of them. You won't find Anti-war soldiers among these returning warriors. You will find young men and women who want to know they are appreciated for their efforts in fighting the "disease", you will see also the flag draped coffins who gave their ALL in the fight. You will see the families of the brave, just as patriotic as ever, clutching the hand of a husband who lost a limb in the fight. Do you see any signs of protest among these? No, there is no room for any criticism in this War against Terrorism. And Mr. Anti-Cure if you have that gumption in you to criticize, I guarantee, it would melt away in the presence of one of these brave souls who took an oath to support and defend- and stood by it.

So, my liberal friend, if one would even stumble into this neck of the blogosphere, you *can* choose to sit back, and complain about the money that goes into defending your way of life, maybe it will continue to distract you from the guilt you feel from taking your way of life and freedoms so lightly, or you can support a Nation blessed by God, though undeserving. You *can* continue to blame those that would stand for what is right, for the country's decline both morally and ethically or you can educate yourself and see that historically, your perverted and God-hating way of life is exactly what led to the ultimate destruction of even the most mighty kingdoms, dynasties, nations, tribes, communities, towns, families, people. It is *that* perverse wickedness, and yes, another "cancer" of sorts, which you seek to defend that will ultimately be burned up with the rest of this old sin cursed earth, in the end. The Bible tells of a remedy for this cancer, a miraculous healing if you will, and that is belief on the Lord Jesus Christ and trusting in His shed blood as payment for your sin. If you don't believe the Bible, well, this country was founded on BIBLE Principles...like it or not...the truth doesn't get more real than that. America has been blessed because GOD has not yet removed HIS hand. And, dear American, THAT is the Nation these soldiers stand for...a GOD Blessed Nation-though so undeserving. There are many different types of cancer...many different consequences of sin. Choose to stand and fight for what is right-go down fighting the cancer that is terrorism before it metastasizes...oh wait, 9/11, it already has.

For more pictures that you won't see in the news go HERE and then when you have time read " DEAR AMERICA,"by LT Brown USMC in which he states..."As a citizen of the United States and a U.S. Marine, I will be able to sleep at night with nothing on my conscience, for I know that I, and my country, have done as much as we could for these people. If we leave early, I will not be able to live with myself, and neither should you. The blood will be on our hands, the failure on our watch. " I added the bold to the text.


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Very well written, Heather! Heartfelt, to the point, and RIGHT ON!

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Amen and Ooh-rah! ;) I'm going to link to this in a bit... I love the way you can always say these kinds of things so clearly, Heather...

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AMEN, SISTA!!!! We're certainly backing all of our military HEROES! But most of all, we pray for them.


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