Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Anjolie's Antics

After my Dr's appt yesterday, I realized that I had not bought one thing for this little baby to come home in! The u/s yesterday more than confirmed the whole "boy" status, so we went to get some socks, a blanket and a couple of things for Ayden (so strange calling him by his name) so I can pack my bag and stuff. So, we made the trip to the PX. Well, Anjolie has gotten into a little habit of thinking she has got to use the restroom at least once during a trip to the store...but usually two trips is what we end up making. This trip, I took Anjolie for her obsessive visit (just kidding) and she decided she wanted some privacy- so I got her settled with paper and everything on the potty and waited right outside the door until she was ready for me to help her get cleaned up....After what seemed like forever, I heard her little voice ring out "ok, I'm ready mommy!", but when I went to go in, I discovered- that little booger snuck off the potty and locked the door at some point- then, hopped back on..I never even noticed! Of course then, I scolded her for getting off in the first place, and then told her she was going to have to get off now to unlock the door so I could help her. She whines loudly for all to hear, "I caaaaannnn't -IIIII poooooohpoooooohed...cooooome wiiiiipe meeee!" I explain to her how I cannot unlock the door from the outside- that she is just going to have to come and unlock the door. There was a moment of silence in which I can just imagine her little "brain wheels" smoking as she worked to solve the dilemma and then suddenly, she is cheerful -with her brilliant solution to the problem...and tells me very matter-of-factly "well, crawl on under!" Yeah, sure, me and my big belly will get right on that Anjolie...

Monday, February 27, 2006

Good News!!

The baby...who we have decided to name (we do reserve the right to change it ;) )
Aiden Josiah (not sure about how we are going to spell Aiden yet)
looks just fine!! Praise the Lord!! The Dr said the stomach looked a more normal size today, and she is pretty sure there is no problem!!

I am so relieved! It was such a blessing to be able to see him and everything. My bp is still giving me trouble, but the Dr said I will probably go into labor any time now..the baby is already 7lbs she said! We will see...sometimes babies have something different in mind as far as when they want to make their entrance :) Thank you again for everyone's prayers!! What a wonderful birthday gift for my husband!


It is my husband's birthday today!! We are going to celebrate after he gets off work. I am so thankful for my husband and all his hard work. More than anything I appreciate his dedication to serving the Lord...thank you honey.


Sorry I have not updated things :) I am just trying to get this house situated for the baby, and for Brian's parents who will be flying in on the 15th of March. :)

I have an ultrasound at 2:30pm today (our Monday)...so that would be Monday 12:30am east coast time and Sunday 9:30pm west coast time. I am praying everything is ok with the baby's belly...thank you to everyone who prayed/ is praying!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Brian versus the Birthing Ball

Sitting here reminiscing over past pregnancies, I was reminded of a funny thing that happened when I was expecting Brianna and Brian was stationed in 29 Palms. I was still at Camp Pendleton awaiting housing; so I would only get to see Brian on the weekends. Well, Brian is very accommodating when I am expecting, he does not complain if, at 9pm, I get a hankerin' for a cup of ice or some mint chocolate chip ice-cream...he really tries to help make me comfortable...unless that requires his sleep to be interrupted. Just kidding ;) he is actually really good about that...he does not complain one bit after I have tossed and turned for an hour and then I finally hoist myself out of the trench I have made in the bed and lumber on in to sleep on the couch ;) He does not make one mention of the approx 15 trips to the bathroom or the kitchen to get my 10th glass of water, or my fumbling around to find the tums as I am choking on the acid in my throat. Nope, not a word of complaint from him ;) What a trooper...he just snoozes on through all the turbulence. I am just glad we don't have a water bed...talk about SEA SICK!!

Anyway, back to my story about expecting Brianna- I had read and researched and decided that I wanted a birthing ball, which is just exactly like one of those large exercise balls...I had chosen a clear one, and I would sit on it and exercise on it all throughout my pregnancy. It just became like a piece of furniture...Brian would even enjoy rolling around on it and jumping playfully on it when he was home on the weekend. Until, one night- that thing ATTACKED Brian- and attempted to keep him hostage! No, things were just never the same between he and the ball after that.

You see, Brian, being the gentleman he is, had gotten up from the couch, probably for the third time at least, to lovingly fill my glass of water. He decided he should probably just bring out the whole Brita pitcher since I was so thirsty. There was no problem on the way to the kitchen. The ball was just there, innocently taking up some space in the hallway, but that was not anything unusual. No, it waited...or lurked, is probably a better word, until it noticed Brian...the poor dear, with a full pitcher of water. His eyes, lovingly focused on his expectant wife, never left her as the whole vicious ambush transpired, the poor thing never saw it coming. I, regretfully, was too late to warn him... It was not until he reached the door way that the ball made its move. It swiftly pinned Brian's legs between itself and the wall very cunningly using the hair on his legs for gripping. His normally powerful strong legs were rendered helpless. Then, it was like slooooow mooootiiioooonnnn....I heard a small muffled cry...his eyes, desperately clinging to mine, opened wide and went sort of blank like a deer's in headlights...his jaw set tightly-his brow furrowed in confusion- as he determined ...that pitcher would NOT DROP OR SPILL OVER!! His pinned legs, in an effort to work free- somehow worked away from the wall...but the ball clung relentlessly to the back of his calves and thighs. His eyes, still ever focused, never left mine...and, as we clung together in the moment, from across the room, I saw, in amazement the hand that held the pitcher jut out in front of him...still -unscathed, unspoiled was the gleeming pure Brita pitcher, still ringed with sparkling dew. His arm bulged under the strain to hold the precious vessel of water as the ball, mercilessly carried him off his feet...rolling and forcing control of him- back, back he rolled, over top of the ball and, for what seemed an eternity,...he skillfully and most unwaveringly balanced himself atop the rogue ball- until...at last- our eye contact broke for one desperate moment, and then, it was over...I clasped my hands together over my mouth at the precious sight of the faithful, victorious arm with the unspoiled beautiful prize..the pitcher, he held it forth, triumphantly over the ball and between his legs, ...the bottoms of his poor little feet rested, spent, on top of that vile wicked thing. The battle- had been won. I waited breathlessly as Brian rose, slowly, he disengaged his legs from the ball, and once again our eyes met, at last...exhausted, he allowed me to help him back to his seat- by my side. I shook...as he quietly and lovingly poured full my glass with the fresh, cool water...after a moment of silence.... "I know you are laughing" he said.

Belly Picture

Ok, here is my belly....MAYBE- after I get some SERIOUS make-up on to cover all my pigment blotchiness (first time this pregnancy)...some plastic surgery, some lipo on..my nose :D...my hair done-I MIGHT have some close to postable pics of myself. I do have my family to think of, you know, they read this and I would not want them to fret ;)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Oh, thanks....

...I didn't think I could feel any more self conscious!

Yesterday, I was feeling pretty good!! So, I made it to Cubbies which was such a blessing, but it is a challenge because, being secretary, I have to climb up and down 4 flights of stairs multiple times making copies etc. Anyway, I had just gotten to the top of the stairs and huffed and puffed my way to the office where one of my friends says "Hey, how are ya feelin' ? HUGE huh?"...Ok, the week before last the comment from the same person was "Are you having twins?! WOW". The audacity of people never ceases to amaze me. I know I feel huge, but I am on the small side of average both pregnant and not...so I don't know why some people insist on making me feel like I am just a huge beast....those of you who know me know I am not a large person ....*sniff* *sniff*...I mean (whiny -I'm gonna cry- voice starts in) I feel awful as it is...*start to sob and whine to violin music*...WAHAAAAAAAAAHAAAA ...Ok, I'm over it...;) Who cares what she thinks (or wants to make me think she thinks) YES...I love being 31 because since I have left my 20s I could care less and less what people think! :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Daddy's Belly

Anjolie was sitting next to her daddy watching a movie last evening and Brian said Anjolie was staring at his belly. I can only imagine what was going through that little brain of hers. She finally said "Daddy, you have a big belly, you eat too much...that's what that is from. Hey Na-na! (Brianna's nickname) look at this!" With that she jabs him in the belly and laughs.

It's funnier if you know her saucy little personality...she always surprises us with what comes out of her mouth..you just never can tell with her.

Moving Right Along!

I had my Drs appt yesterday, and things are going about like they did with my last two pregnancies. I have high blood pressure :( It is not to the "alarming" stage yet though...140/90..so the Dr is going to just monitor it for now and have me look for warning signs of preeclampsia since right now it is gestational hypertension. So, I am trying to relax so I don't have to be put on bed rest.

I have the ultrasound to see about the baby's stomach on the 27th...so I am praying that, Lord willing, everything will be fine. I am already dilated to a 3 so that is good! Thank you so much for your prayers!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Warm Fuzzies

I woke up to the sun shining this morning after days on end of rain...and it reminded me of "warm fuzzies". I have the doors open to let the cool gentle breeze in, I am listening to uplifting music and the girls are outside enjoying our brief dry spell. Thank you Lord for the "hug"! Most of the time, it is the little things that make a huge difference and just send you a little zing of warmth. Here is my list of 10 favorite warm fuzzies...

1. Finding a dollar in my pocket that I did not know was there ;)
2. Spontaneous hugs and kisses from my darlings and watching them sleep peacefully (it's almost angelic isn't it?)
3. Planting a flower
4. When Brian gets off work unexpectedly and surprises us
5. Someone e-mailing me to let me know they are praying for me
6. A timely message from scripture/ and or devotion
7. A fresh clean house
8. Friends who stay in touch- even when I am not as faithful
9. Singing
10. Thinking of the fact that I will one day forever reside in heaven- never to shed a tear, feel pain, fear, worry, experience loss, or sorrow again- to forever be in the presence of my Lord and Savior and His Glory...
I am just having one of those mushy "Oh How I love life...how could I have ever been discouraged days..." Gives me inspiration for the days I don't feel all "mushy" inside :) Here is wishing you a "warm fuzzy" day!!

Monday, February 20, 2006

A Full Load..

..of silliness! Remember how fun it was to pull your siblings or friends around in a laundry basket? I used to love that as a kid...my sister, brother and I would tear around the basement pulling each other as fast, or as slow as we could. I guess my kids are no different ;) Brian raced them up and down the hall after he got home from work (with only about an hour of sleep) until both he and the kids were exhausted. It was fun to watch :)

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Still Going!

Brian's Radar
This post, I wrote more for me than anything...just to get it out there and off my chest. It is a blessing to be able to pour out my soul on here sometimes :) So feel free to skip over this...it is a long (probably very boring) read.. :)

You know how you are driving along and all of the sudden that panic button, in your head and on your dashboard, lights up telling you- YOU NEED GAS!! Then, you drive for what seems like an eternity on "E", your eyes desperately searching for any gas station, no matter the price... just something to keep you from breaking down in the midst of busy traffic. That is how things have been for Brian and I since we have been stationed here, very trying both energywise and emotionally as well...the Lord is really teaching us perseverance, which is a praise, and a major challenge. I am able, because of this, to clearly see on what issues I am firmly grounded "on the rock" and what areas I still have "on the sand". It is amazing how a drought of physical energy and health can clearly reveal where you stand on Spiritual energy. Brian and I, amazingly, have never been closer, or more supportive and sensitive to each other than of late...however, I am still lacking in my patience with the children- on those days when I am thoroughly taxed. :( Still working on those heart issues!!

Brian's schedule continues to be unreasonable...for whatever reason...Military nonsense I guess. He did, however take his sweethearts (me included) out to dinner last night after working ALL day Friday, and all day yesterday. We went to dinner at around 7pm! Tooooo late for the girls, but worth it because it was very important, we felt, to have some special time together. Then, Brian had to drag himself out of bed at 12am to go to work because the military can only use the Okinawa roads for convoys at certain times...to continue with the operation they are working on. He won't be finished until around 8pm tonight! His attitude is remarkable..which encourages me to be positive as well (even if I have to fake it for him sometimes) it helps for him to be able to come home and feel it is a "safe haven" and I am trying to keep that way- with the Lord's strength (there is NO other way). Sometimes I don't know what would be more difficult, for him to be away because then I KNOW what to expect, or this fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants schedule which changes DRASTICALLY -at a moments notice. We have had to apologize and break engagements and obligations time after time after time...it is embarrassing at times.
We have been asked to take over the young adult Sunday School class, but Brian's schedule is just soooo unpredictable! All the more reason we need to be giving it to the Lord right? And again, I am sooo thankful that he IS here with me and his children for now.

The Marine life is a hard one...I would not recommend it to anyone unless they specifically felt called by the Lord to do so. The Lord is faithful, however, even when we make wrong decisions, I am comforted by the promise offered in Romans 8:28 -And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose. And in Joel 2:25-26 And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you. And ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the name of the LORD your God, that hath dealt wondrously with you: and my people shall never be ashamed.
The Lord has so increased my faith in His power to sustain us these past 5 months! Time after time He has restored my soul when I have lost my bearing and given in to doubt and frustration...His grace has abounded when I feel I just can't deal with one more tantrum or sick child or daily hardship (which is nothing when I think about it- compared to others). I am so glad He still loves me and lifts me up even when I have been ungrateful and blind to the blessings He has poured out on our family.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Small Community Moves (right)

I wish I could have seen them packing these things! How funny...


Well, I have started the contractions...I don't know why I start so soon. I will probably have them off and on for the next ohhh 3-4 weeks (planning on going early :) as usual). At least I show up at my final appts dilated around 3cm which is nice...so they are doing something. They are not the Braxton Hicks ones...I get those too...these are those *STRONG* prelabor ones that keep you up at night. I have an appt on the 21st and then an U/S on the 27th...the Lord has helped me not to worry about the baby's stomach. :) We will see what happens!! I appreciate everyone's prayers!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Something Fun

What Your Face Says

At first glance, people see you as down to earth and reliable.

Overall, your true self is passive and thoughtful.

With friends, you seem dramatic, lively, and quick to react.

In love, you seem intelligent and a bit intimidating.

In stressful situation, you seem like you're oblivious to the stress.

"seem" is VERY appropriate here ;)

Speak Lord

Wow, this blog is just turning into a big pity pot...sorry. All I can say is that " I am listening Lord" because these trials are really hmmm what is the word...frustrating me!!

The Lord must have known that Brian would have to have all of our plans disrupted for the weekend and that must have been why He ensured my rest for yesterday. As Brian left this morning, he said he was going to have a short day, and we would get ready for our Sweetheart Banquet tonight, and have a relaxing weekend. He bought me some diamond earrings for V-day and I went and got a dress for our special evening- well now we can't go. I am not as disappointed about that as I would have been if I were not sick though...I told him that I was not sure I was up to it anyway :( So, now we CAN'T go. And, he has to work the ENTIRE weekend because of a major change in the operation they are conducting. In my flesh, I AM SOOO MAD!!
The Lord is reminding me though of
-all the husbands who are in Iraq, or preparing to go
-that He provided me with rest to be able to carry on through this weekend though I am weak
-that there IS a bigger picture and I just can't see it yet
-He provided me with a very applicable devotion this morning about contentment...(ouch is right Melissa! :) )

So, please pray for me as I wrestle BEFORE the Lord with my circumstances, (not with, but before Him). BTW, these pregnancy hormones are not helping things!!! I look forward to sharing the bigger picture with you -if the Lord sees fit to reveal it :)

Thursday, February 16, 2006

"Old Eye" Remedy?

I just thought this was funny. I mentioned how both the Dr and Brianna let me know just how awful I look...well it must be pretty bad LOL. Brianna saw some commercial about this special mask that you put around the eye area that gets rid of wrinkles and bags. Brianna hops up excitedly and says "Mommy!! You need to get THAT!!". I tried not to let her see me smile...and I said "Why, honey, is there something wrong with my eyes?" She then looked at me to see if I was upset or something...so I just smiled and nodded her on to let her know she was not hurting my feelings or anything. "Welllll", "they are looking a little old like ...this" in which she took her fingers and drew imaginary big saggy circles under her eyes. I just laughed and told her that mommy's face, though it will get old, will look more like it used to- after the baby comes. I am pretty puffy and discolored this time...I just feel bad that it disturbs her so much. Now Brianna's prayer is that her brother will come quickly..(so mommy can look normal huh? ;) It's tough to be 4 sometimes :)

Excellent Study

-By Debi Pryde Part of a Titus 2 series study

Description: Is there really a secret ingredient to parenting? Debi answers this question and addresses other key issues such as loving and understanding your children, disciplining and motivating your children, preventing and dealing with rebellious children, and much more. Precept Upon Precept encourages parents to uncover our heavenly Father’s parenting methods—His love, understanding, disciplining, motivating, and teaching of His own children.

My husband and I have been working our way through this for a while (*blush* about a year). It is very enlightening and I am soooo glad I found this resource. I know the Lord brought it to our attention. We use this in conjunction with Shepherding A Child's Heart by Ted Tripp
Camp Ironwood (which has the Precept upon Precept book) offers some excellent programs and camps. I attended a Biblical Counselor's course there...it was better than any seminar I have ever attended.

My Prayer

"Lord, help me to glorify Thee; I am poor, help me to glorify Thee by contentment; I am sick, help me to give Thee honour by patience; I have talents, help me to extol Thee by spending them for Thee; I have time, Lord, help me to redeem it, that I may serve thee; I have a heart to feel, Lord, let that heart feel no love but Thine, and glow with no flame but affection for Thee; I have a head to think, Lord, help me to think of Thee and for Thee; Thou hast put me in this world for something, Lord, show me what that is, and help me to work out my life-purpose: I cannot do much, but as the widow put in her two mites, which were all her living, so, Lord, I cast my time and eternity too into Thy treasury; I am all Thine; take me, and enable me to glorify Thee now, in all that I say, in all that I do, and with all that I have."

-from Spurgeon's Morning and Evening Devotions


-to have such a loving God who provides loving friends. For the last few weeks, I have been feeling just awful (that could even be an understatement, I don't know). I hate to complain about it because I know as soon as this baby is born, I will feel better, but did not realize how run-down I let myself get! I finally made another Drs appointment because I was concerned about my swelling and lingering coughing fits I have at night. Thought maybe my blood pressure was getting out of control. So, I literally for about 3 weeks now have not had more than 4 hours of broken sleep in one night...and that is a good one. Put it this way, I went to put my seat-belt on yesterday, and was trying for a few secondes to stick it in the ignition of the car...yes I am nuts. Well, when I went in to the Dr she said I looked absolutely horrible (thanks) which is funny because my daughter Brianna has been mentioning that lately. She examined me, but basically said I was just beyond exhaustion and why doesn't my husband take off work so I can get some rest. LOL LOL ummm hello!! I told her how that is impossible right now...he is in the middle of an important operation. She threatened to stick me in the hospital to supervise (seriously!). I said that would just cause more stress for me and problems for our family. I assured her that if I could just get a few nights rest I would be fine...I would work it out somehow. So she gave me something "sure" to put me to sleep for a full night...and then 2 more night's worth. I am basically on bedrest for 3 days. In my mind...(like the rest of us moms) I was like yeah sure...THAT will work, but you know, this time the Lord interceded...in a BIG way (to me at least). I called Brian from the hospital, before I changed my mind, and asked him if he would call my friend in charge of the AWANA class I am a secretary for and tell her I would not make it that night...I hate missing :( but my family needs me to be functioning a little better than the 10% I have been lately (at least in cheerfulness and energy). Then, right behind me, as I was on the hospital phone, was a dear friend of mine whom I have known since being stationed in California, and her husband. They "overheard" ;) the situation, and Kimberly (my friend) told me (she knows me well!) to have the kids ready by 9:30 am the next morning because she and her husband were going to watch them for the whole day. Of course I cried, and knew I could not argue...as much as my pride was trying to interfere...I conceded. Well, except for Lily, I wanted to keep her with me because she is sick again. So, I thought, "Well, this will be good because I can get the 8 pumpkin rolls done for church visitation while she has the girls!" Kimberly, CALLED my baking team leader and informed her of the situation (I feel awful about all this) and said SHE would be making the dessert for Thursday night and that I needed strict rest for 3 days. So, in she swoops this morning, snatches up my two girls, the ingredients for the pumpkin rolls, and tells me to have my husband pick up the dinner she is going to make for us when he picks up the girls. All I could do was cry....what a blessing. Anyone who knows me knows I HATE to depend and lean on others...I guess to the point it is a sin. So, the Lord is blessing me and teaching me in a mighty way today. Praise the Lord...He is so good and provides us with such loving support

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Sorry I don't have a better picture. This is my mom and Aunt Jackie at my baby shower for Brianna. My mom is holding Brianna (about 4 and a half years ago).
I found out some more about the circumstances surrounding my Aunt Jackie's death. There was not any foul play involved, but the circumstances are absolutely heartbreaking. It is especially heartbreaking because my Aunt is a leukemia survivor...she went through a bone marrow transplant many many years ago -so she is a real fighter. She is the second to youngest of 10 children...my mom was just a little older than her.This being a public forum, I would rather focus on the happy memories of my Aunt.

We loved spending time with Aunt Jackie because no matter what her circumstance was, she was so much fun to be around. She was just naturally funny. She and my mom would play jokes on each other...and others :) For example, my Aunt at one time lived next door to a neighbor who always seemed to have some type of strange and not very pleasant odor eminating from her side of the house. Well, they would joke about it together...just tossing ideas back and forth about what the smell could possibly be. So, just to be funny one time, my mom went to visit her- covered in air-fresheners LOL. My dad helped her hang them/ stick them all over the place. You can imagine the laugh my Aunt must have gotten out of that! She just had that type of personality to bring the comedian out in you. They were hilarious together, and I remember as a kid sitting up to listen to their funny stories when we would go to my Grandma's to visit. I would love to hear how they would go mushroom hunting as kids- this is really big in Ohio around March. They were extremely poor growing up and they would talk about how they learned to love nature because of this. Aunt Jackie was always up for an adventure and such a bright sunny personality. I can't imaging the loss my mom must feel over losing such a dear sister. My mom and dad cared very much for her and would travel sometimes at a moments notice over 13 hours to help her move or any other emergency she had. Please pray for them during this very trying time. My Aunt is survived by 4 adult children, please pray for them as well- I don't think any of them are saved. My heart grieves over the loss.

Sunday Treat

It was such a blessing this past Sunday to fellowship with Christian friends both old and new! This is at the Officer's Club on base. It is very nice and very reasonably priced for a Sunday buffet! ...what in the world is Lily doing?! ;)

Weekend Update

After finding out about my Aunt Jackie, I did not really feel like updating my blog...as you can imagine. I am still waiting to find out the details...please continue to pray for my Mom and my Aunt's family. I will go ahead and just post about our weekend, as I am sure my family would enjoy the seeing the pictures of the kids...even in the midst of their grieving.

Brian and I took the kids to a place called Monakids Jungle for a refreshing care-free time.The kids were excited as soon as they saw the building...I thought it looked kind of scary! Inside, it is like a giant jungle of mazes and slides, and off to the side, a snack bar area where the parents can just sit and relax as they watch their kids play. We brought socks for the kids, but I did not think I would need any...so I ended up having to go barefoot as everyone must remove their shoes to enter, not just the children playing. Yuck! I guess I know for next time!

Lily loved this place. They had a little toddler area just for her, but she was more interested in just walking around all over the place. I think she was a little overwhelmed because at times she just ran in circles! ;) Yes, Lily was non-stop motion the entire time...I put some little clips over in the "home video" link (they are not very good, but if you have a cable modem it does not take too long to view).
Brianna and Anjolie can't wait to go back!

Monday, February 13, 2006

More Sorrow

I just found out that my aunt has passed away. She was found this morning ...under a porch. The authorities are investigating foul play. Again, there are no words...my heart is just aching. My Mom has had to deal with much grief and needs prayer support. This was her closest sister- her name was Jackie. I am not sure if she was saved or not.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Taste of Okinawa

Just an excuse to use my new toy (scanner) ;) These pictures were taken within the first couple of days of arriving here...so that would be back in September (I think). Some very dear friends of ours from our church in California were already here and took us to a couple of popular places: the Dragon and the 100yen Store (Japanese $1.00 store..but better!)

Brianna's Picture Projects

I like to do some "different" things with Brianna's homeschooling to get her thinking "outside of the box". She loves to take pictures (what kid doesn't) so I try to incorporate this into some of her lessons. On this particular day I asked Brianna to go outside with the camera (strapped safely to her wrist), close her eyes and pay attention to all the different sounds. She then was to go and take pictures of all of the possible "sources" of the noises. I was quite impressed. She took a picture of a tree and explained about the rustling of the leaves, then there was a bird in mid flight and she explained the bird was not "tweeting" but it's wings were flapping, then a picture of a house where they were doing some maint....etc So, as I was looking through her pictures and having her explain them...I saw an EXTREME CLOSEUP...of the top part of her face...Brianna burst out laughing hysterically, I think she forgot I would be able to see ALL of the pictures she took. I smiled and said..well, you got part of your face...she laughed harder..."no mommy, I got the rest!!" I clicked to the next picture, and sure enough...there was another EXTREME close-up (as you can see) of the the REST of her face. Then I laughed just thinking about her logic of how to get her whole face on film :) Oh...to be 4 years old again :)...I love kids.

Anjolie's Pillow

I thought this was funny, so I thought I would share it.

Anjolie, who just turned 3, still takes a good 2 and half hour nap every day. I was putting her down for her nap and she complained that she did not want to sleep on her pillow. I asked her why and she said "cause' it's yucky!". Continuing..."Ok, Anjolie, why is it yucky" I'm getting ready for some excuse as to why she does not want a nap. She said "Daddy laid his yucky brown hair on it and now it smells yucky"
With that, she buried her little nose into her pretty pink pillow for one more affirming sniff "yep, it's yucky".

She has always been very picky about her pillow and sheets-even though I wash their sheets about once a week sometimes a week and a half. If there is even a hint of any smell other than fabric softener (even the scent of that has to be right)...she puts up a fuss about her pillow being dirty. This is the first time I have actually heard her blame Brian ;)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wedding Picture

I should have included this in my "Feeling Sentimental" Post below...we just got a new printer that has a scanner!! I am soooo excited because I am putting together a slide show for our families...and now I can scan in pictures that I don't have on my digital to include in the slide show!!

I'm a Glazed Donut

You Are a Glazed Donut

Okay, you know that you're plain - and you're cool with that.
You prefer not to let anything distract from your sweetness.
Your appeal is understated yet universal. Everyone dig you.
And in a pinch, you'll probably get eaten.

thanks Jamie

Feeling Sentimental

I don't know if it is this pregnancy, or Valentines Day coming up that is making me feel a bit sappy, but I thought ...."Hey, why not share a little tid bit about how I met my husband" So, I hope you join me on my little stroll down memory lane.

Brian and I met at Vacation Bible School in Pennsylvania: the year was 1990. I had just turned 16 and he was still 15 (*gasp*). It was one of the last nights of VBS and we were having a shaving cream war outside the church. Brian got me real good..I think in the face, and I smacked him as hard as I could....I definitely never expected him to call me the next evening!

We were kind of an on again off again thing all through highschool, college, Marine Corps... I think we both knew that we would marry though. So, on May 9th, 1998, about three months after I had finished my Marine stint, we married in the same Church my parents had married in (they met at 16 as well!).

It is hard to believe that I have known Brian for almost half my life!! Looking back, even over all the hard times and terrible choices I have made in my life...I can see the Lord's hand guiding and protecting the whole way. We have come so far in our relationship, and the discerning moment was when we finally, about 6 years ago, rededicated our lives to the Lord. Yes, there are still hard times, but it is sweeter knowing we are both looking to God and reaching for the same prize. Instead of trials creating rifts between us, it unifies us -even more as we lift each other up with a love only God can give. So, as some look back on those early dating years with a yearning for what once was sweet, we excitedly leap forward knowing that as we grow in the Lord every year is truly sweeter than the one before. I truly love him more today than I EVER have.

This was the house I spent almost my entire childhood and all of my teenage years in. Brian took this picture for me when he went back to the states this past December. Looks like they are doing some work on it, but it pretty much looks the same as it did when I was growing up.
This was Brian's house. He lived just a couple of minutes away from my house.

We would meet on our bikes under this bridge which was about halfway between my house and his. I know, how cute, we would ride our bikes together :)
So, what's your story?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

TAG you are IT!!

Ok Karen, here it goes!! :)

4 Jobs I've had:
A waitress at Friendly's during highschool
A United States Marine (4 years)
Retail Manager
Stay at Home mom...best job ever!!

4 Places I've lived:
Macon, Georgia
Manassas, Virginia
Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

4 movies I like:
Dare I admit....Napoleon Dynamite (so dumb it makes me laugh)
Anne of Green Gables
Pygmalion (spelling? aka My Fair Lady)
To Kill a Mockingbird

4 TV Shows I enjoy:
We watch Smallville on DVD
Brady Bunch
I Love Lucy
hmmm don't really have time for tv

4 Favorite Foods:
Salad with LOTS of veggies
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Alaskan King Crab Legs

4 Places I'd Rather Be:
East Coast
laying on a warm beach

First names of 4 old boyfriends:
...rather not reflect
all I can think of is my beloved husband :)

4 Music Groups I've Seen Live:
same...rather not reflect but..
(BEFORE walking with the Lord OK?)
All at one concert-
Public Enemy, Queen Latifah, Fresh Prince..a couple more were there, but who cares..
Tim McGraw
Gin Blossoms

4 Books I've Read Recently:
Shepherding a Child's Heart-Ted Tripp
Bread For Believers Curtis Hudson (not finished)
Titus 2 Series Debi Pryde (not finished)

4 Books I'm Getting Ready to Read:
Power of a Praying Wife
...not really any time for anything else right now!!

Okay gals, let's see what's up with your lives!

Lost in Translation...but YUMMY

The "story", or whatever that is I posted up there, was painted on the side of the truck where they were selling the yummy treats picured above. Talk about lost in translation! I have no idea what was going on with that but.... Anyway, we went down to Naha this past weekend to check out some of the shops and things. Since we will have family flying in next month we wanted to find some more neat places to take them. We had a great time looking at the various department stores because everything is very different! As we were walking, we saw a LONG line of locals at a little red truck across the street from the main shopping center. Hey, you can't go wrong following the locals right? The men in the truck were making some yummy looking rolls...they were calling them "french rolls" but spelling it "franch" ? I don't know...but we waited a good 20 minutes in line to try them. They were definitely worth the wait!!
They tasted even better than they looked!
Brian and I shared a Tirimisu one and the girls shared a Strawberries, Cream and Custard one. Hopefully that little truck will be down there when our family comes to visit. They did have some strange flavors though...like soybean custard and purple potato...which reminds me of a popular Ice Cream flavor they have here- sweet potato: I think I will pass on that one.

Friday, February 03, 2006


Hi, it's me! Brianna, and I am 4 and a half years old.

Sometimes I like to act silly...

Sometimes I like to act sweet!!
But Guess What?!! Today, I tied my shoe all by myself with NOOOO HELP!! And I think that's pretty neat!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Little Lily

Poor little sick baby :(

She's not quite at 100% yet...but getting there.

BIG OLE' BUN in this oven!!

Just a quick note to say... THIS BABY FEELS HUGE... ok, just had to get that out. I can't believe the scale only says I have gained the same as I did with the girls because this boy is OUT THERE!! I was trying to vaccuum out the van yesterday...ha ha..wish I had a picture of THAT...it was just pathetic. I told Brian (jokingly) that he gets to vaccuum it out next time...but he has to strap his ALICE pack (all purpose, lightweight, individual carrying equipment pack *rolling eyes* over acronym) fully loaded to the front of him while he does it.

Anyway, I have to take a break from my housework like every 20 min now...I just feel so heavy..so I can't post as much as I would like :(!! I know Whaa waaaa, I will get off my pity pot ;) Hope you all are having a great day!! :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Spiritual Warfare-a confession

A while back I posted that we have surrendered to full time ministry. Brian feels a definite calling. Since then, and right before then we have felt a tremendous amount of spiritual upheaval. It is overwhelming at times to "feel" the enemy all around us..trying every door, window, and crack. Please pray for us as we are, with the Lord's help and guidance, moving on that narrow path of being purified for the Lord's use. Lately, I literally have been "clinging" to the Lord in prayer..which I should always do...but I have been doing it out of fear of pain rather than a pure longing for God's best for HIS purpose. I want, in my flesh, to be sanctified more to avoid personal disappointment than for God's main purpose which is to win souls for Him. I have been so focused on personal holiness for my own benefits rather than the bigger picture. I praise the Lord for His gentle chastening in this area, and would appreciate prayer in this new territory.
Thank you for reading this. I am desperate for your prayers