Tuesday, February 07, 2006

TAG you are IT!!

Ok Karen, here it goes!! :)

4 Jobs I've had:
A waitress at Friendly's during highschool
A United States Marine (4 years)
Retail Manager
Stay at Home mom...best job ever!!

4 Places I've lived:
Macon, Georgia
Manassas, Virginia
Wyomissing, Pennsylvania

4 movies I like:
Dare I admit....Napoleon Dynamite (so dumb it makes me laugh)
Anne of Green Gables
Pygmalion (spelling? aka My Fair Lady)
To Kill a Mockingbird

4 TV Shows I enjoy:
We watch Smallville on DVD
Brady Bunch
I Love Lucy
hmmm don't really have time for tv

4 Favorite Foods:
Salad with LOTS of veggies
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Alaskan King Crab Legs

4 Places I'd Rather Be:
East Coast
laying on a warm beach

First names of 4 old boyfriends:
...rather not reflect
all I can think of is my beloved husband :)

4 Music Groups I've Seen Live:
same...rather not reflect but..
(BEFORE walking with the Lord OK?)
All at one concert-
Public Enemy, Queen Latifah, Fresh Prince..a couple more were there, but who cares..
Tim McGraw
Gin Blossoms

4 Books I've Read Recently:
Shepherding a Child's Heart-Ted Tripp
Bread For Believers Curtis Hudson (not finished)
Titus 2 Series Debi Pryde (not finished)

4 Books I'm Getting Ready to Read:
Power of a Praying Wife
...not really any time for anything else right now!!

Okay gals, let's see what's up with your lives!

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