Friday, February 17, 2006

Speak Lord

Wow, this blog is just turning into a big pity pot...sorry. All I can say is that " I am listening Lord" because these trials are really hmmm what is the word...frustrating me!!

The Lord must have known that Brian would have to have all of our plans disrupted for the weekend and that must have been why He ensured my rest for yesterday. As Brian left this morning, he said he was going to have a short day, and we would get ready for our Sweetheart Banquet tonight, and have a relaxing weekend. He bought me some diamond earrings for V-day and I went and got a dress for our special evening- well now we can't go. I am not as disappointed about that as I would have been if I were not sick though...I told him that I was not sure I was up to it anyway :( So, now we CAN'T go. And, he has to work the ENTIRE weekend because of a major change in the operation they are conducting. In my flesh, I AM SOOO MAD!!
The Lord is reminding me though of
-all the husbands who are in Iraq, or preparing to go
-that He provided me with rest to be able to carry on through this weekend though I am weak
-that there IS a bigger picture and I just can't see it yet
-He provided me with a very applicable devotion this morning about contentment...(ouch is right Melissa! :) )

So, please pray for me as I wrestle BEFORE the Lord with my circumstances, (not with, but before Him). BTW, these pregnancy hormones are not helping things!!! I look forward to sharing the bigger picture with you -if the Lord sees fit to reveal it :)


Karen said...

Heather...I'm so sorry you're not well enough for your sweetheart dinner. Sometimes it's really hard to see God's timing until we're past the situation. I hope it helps to know you have lots of friends praying for you all over the world! Lots of love,

Free In Christ said...

Wow! I'm sorry to hear that you're weekend plans have been changed. I totally understand where your coming from, not so much the plans changing, but the fact that you are not in control I think makes it worse. You are in my prayers.

Heather said...

Karen, I just got your prayer request is amazing how the Lord can "lift" you through praying for others. Thank you as this truly "refocuses" me in praying. :)

Jamie said...

I am sorry Heather! Pity Party away! Its hard right now being pregnant and all. YOU will be back to normal soon! I wish I was there to at least keep you busy :)