Friday, February 10, 2006

Brianna's Picture Projects

I like to do some "different" things with Brianna's homeschooling to get her thinking "outside of the box". She loves to take pictures (what kid doesn't) so I try to incorporate this into some of her lessons. On this particular day I asked Brianna to go outside with the camera (strapped safely to her wrist), close her eyes and pay attention to all the different sounds. She then was to go and take pictures of all of the possible "sources" of the noises. I was quite impressed. She took a picture of a tree and explained about the rustling of the leaves, then there was a bird in mid flight and she explained the bird was not "tweeting" but it's wings were flapping, then a picture of a house where they were doing some maint....etc So, as I was looking through her pictures and having her explain them...I saw an EXTREME CLOSEUP...of the top part of her face...Brianna burst out laughing hysterically, I think she forgot I would be able to see ALL of the pictures she took. I smiled and said..well, you got part of your face...she laughed harder..."no mommy, I got the rest!!" I clicked to the next picture, and sure enough...there was another EXTREME close-up (as you can see) of the the REST of her face. Then I laughed just thinking about her logic of how to get her whole face on film :) be 4 years old again :)...I love kids.


Karen said...

Heather...that's priceless! I so enjoy your stories about the girls. They're so creative and imaginative! Thanks for sharing!


Free In Christ said...

Heather, that is a great story. Kids are absolutely amazing in their thinking. These stories make me miss homeschooling. Keep the stories coming, I really enjoy them.

ashleigh said...

You never have a dull moment, do you?! Those girls are just too funny! :) It sure sounds like you're having fun with homeschooling... a lot of what you do reminds me of the things my mom used to do with us and some of the stuff Zach did when she first started school with him. Ah, I miss those days! :)