Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Spiritual Warfare-a confession

A while back I posted that we have surrendered to full time ministry. Brian feels a definite calling. Since then, and right before then we have felt a tremendous amount of spiritual upheaval. It is overwhelming at times to "feel" the enemy all around us..trying every door, window, and crack. Please pray for us as we are, with the Lord's help and guidance, moving on that narrow path of being purified for the Lord's use. Lately, I literally have been "clinging" to the Lord in prayer..which I should always do...but I have been doing it out of fear of pain rather than a pure longing for God's best for HIS purpose. I want, in my flesh, to be sanctified more to avoid personal disappointment than for God's main purpose which is to win souls for Him. I have been so focused on personal holiness for my own benefits rather than the bigger picture. I praise the Lord for His gentle chastening in this area, and would appreciate prayer in this new territory.
Thank you for reading this. I am desperate for your prayers


Free In Christ said...

Heather, I love your honesty. It was encouraging to hear it is not only I that struggle. I was finding myself falling back into the judegementalness of my old faith. Trying to measure everyone else up to me--isn't that a scary thought. At any rate, God has a gentle way of chastening us. I thank God for the way he is so firm and so gentle at the same time.
You are in my prayers. It is funny that I feel I know you just through this blog. Crazy. At any rate, I am gald to know you this way at least.

Heather said...

Thank you for your encouragement! It is so nice to have fellow sisters in Christ lifting you up in prayer!! So glad we "found" each other