Monday, February 27, 2006

Good News!!

The baby...who we have decided to name (we do reserve the right to change it ;) )
Aiden Josiah (not sure about how we are going to spell Aiden yet)
looks just fine!! Praise the Lord!! The Dr said the stomach looked a more normal size today, and she is pretty sure there is no problem!!

I am so relieved! It was such a blessing to be able to see him and everything. My bp is still giving me trouble, but the Dr said I will probably go into labor any time now..the baby is already 7lbs she said! We will see...sometimes babies have something different in mind as far as when they want to make their entrance :) Thank you again for everyone's prayers!! What a wonderful birthday gift for my husband!


Free In Christ said...

Glad to hear to GREAT news. What a nice name.


KIm said...

I love the name. It's beautiful and strong. And what great news about his stomach. Congrats. Can't wait to hear the news that you've delievered a brother to your beautiful daughters. My prayers are with you.

Karen said...

Wonderful news! I love the name too. God is so faithful!

Love and prayers for all of you!


Ashleigh said...

Wonderful name! :) Have fun figuring the spelling... there are a lot of options with Aiden. :)
Praise the Lord about his stomach! God is so good!
Yesterday at church I heard a few of the older ladies quietly telling each other that I must still have a long way to go... I look too high. :) Sigh. And I thought maybe he had dropped. ;) We'll see!

Heather said...

Ash- my babies like to "float" up and down...they don't like to "engage", but it never seems to affect my labor progress :) I would not go by that at all. ((hug))

Jamie said...

I LOVE THE NAME! :) Can't wait for his are you feeling? I have been praying for you.

Anonymous said...

I am SO happy to hear that the baby looks "normal". I love the name that you chose. Ayden Yost...I like it!!! (That is how my nephew is spelled) Anyway, if you were a 3 you HAVE to be further now. How EXCITING!!! Take care of yourself :)
All my love,

Molly D said...

What a strong, handsome name! Sorry about your BP...I struggled with that too, which is why Betsy was induced a week and a half early. I feel your pain! :) Hope Aiden comes soon so you don't have to worry about it anymore!

mishel said...

GREAT news Heather!! And I love the name!