Thursday, February 16, 2006

Excellent Study

-By Debi Pryde Part of a Titus 2 series study

Description: Is there really a secret ingredient to parenting? Debi answers this question and addresses other key issues such as loving and understanding your children, disciplining and motivating your children, preventing and dealing with rebellious children, and much more. Precept Upon Precept encourages parents to uncover our heavenly Father’s parenting methods—His love, understanding, disciplining, motivating, and teaching of His own children.

My husband and I have been working our way through this for a while (*blush* about a year). It is very enlightening and I am soooo glad I found this resource. I know the Lord brought it to our attention. We use this in conjunction with Shepherding A Child's Heart by Ted Tripp
Camp Ironwood (which has the Precept upon Precept book) offers some excellent programs and camps. I attended a Biblical Counselor's course was better than any seminar I have ever attended.


Free In Christ said...

Thanks for this post. I was going to ask about this book, you commented to my about studying it. I am hoping to find it somewhere. We just finished our study of Titus in our Sunday school class. Wow! It was great. Now on to Colossians.
Have a great day.

Mishel said...

I just finished the first study in the Titus 2 series and loved it. It was one of the best studies I have ever done. I am going over all the highlighted parts before beginning book two. Rande and I also read (and re-read) the SACH book when our kids were younger and found it to be a good balance to the "practical" disciplining books we had read.
Love, Mishel

Heather said...

Hi Mishel!!
Brian and I want to start from the 1 and 2, I got book 3 last year at the Biblical counselor course because parenting, at the time, seemed priority. We are excited to start book 1 in the series. Yes, SACH is sooo good. We got some good things from "To Train Up a Child", but it needed some convey a true picture of our loving heavenly Father..SACH seems to offter that
love you

Anonymous said...

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