Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lost in Translation...but YUMMY

The "story", or whatever that is I posted up there, was painted on the side of the truck where they were selling the yummy treats picured above. Talk about lost in translation! I have no idea what was going on with that but.... Anyway, we went down to Naha this past weekend to check out some of the shops and things. Since we will have family flying in next month we wanted to find some more neat places to take them. We had a great time looking at the various department stores because everything is very different! As we were walking, we saw a LONG line of locals at a little red truck across the street from the main shopping center. Hey, you can't go wrong following the locals right? The men in the truck were making some yummy looking rolls...they were calling them "french rolls" but spelling it "franch" ? I don't know...but we waited a good 20 minutes in line to try them. They were definitely worth the wait!!
They tasted even better than they looked!
Brian and I shared a Tirimisu one and the girls shared a Strawberries, Cream and Custard one. Hopefully that little truck will be down there when our family comes to visit. They did have some strange flavors though...like soybean custard and purple potato...which reminds me of a popular Ice Cream flavor they have here- sweet potato: I think I will pass on that one.


Free In Christ said...

Looks yummy, and sounds like a great day.

Jamie said...

Oh HEATHER UBE Is soooo good! I LOVE IT! YOu need to try it at least once.

Gina said...

My son, David just saw this and went "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" LOL..they sure do look yummy!

Heather said...

Jamie...what is ube? I am assuming the sweet potato...(can't believe I spelled that wrong!)...well, ok, if YOU like it...I MIGHT try it.