Thursday, February 16, 2006

"Old Eye" Remedy?

I just thought this was funny. I mentioned how both the Dr and Brianna let me know just how awful I look...well it must be pretty bad LOL. Brianna saw some commercial about this special mask that you put around the eye area that gets rid of wrinkles and bags. Brianna hops up excitedly and says "Mommy!! You need to get THAT!!". I tried not to let her see me smile...and I said "Why, honey, is there something wrong with my eyes?" She then looked at me to see if I was upset or I just smiled and nodded her on to let her know she was not hurting my feelings or anything. "Welllll", "they are looking a little old like ...this" in which she took her fingers and drew imaginary big saggy circles under her eyes. I just laughed and told her that mommy's face, though it will get old, will look more like it used to- after the baby comes. I am pretty puffy and discolored this time...I just feel bad that it disturbs her so much. Now Brianna's prayer is that her brother will come quickly..(so mommy can look normal huh? ;) It's tough to be 4 sometimes :)


Tom Atkins said...

Ah! the honesty of children! Both a good and bad thing. You captured it wonderfully today. Best of luck to you!

Free In Christ said...

That is too funny. Kids are so honest. They keep us humble, or try to. Keep resting.

Jamie said...

Awww! Poor Heather! Brianna is funny though! :) Just a bit longer....Hold in there!