Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Weekend Update

After finding out about my Aunt Jackie, I did not really feel like updating my blog...as you can imagine. I am still waiting to find out the details...please continue to pray for my Mom and my Aunt's family. I will go ahead and just post about our weekend, as I am sure my family would enjoy the seeing the pictures of the kids...even in the midst of their grieving.

Brian and I took the kids to a place called Monakids Jungle for a refreshing care-free time.The kids were excited as soon as they saw the building...I thought it looked kind of scary! Inside, it is like a giant jungle of mazes and slides, and off to the side, a snack bar area where the parents can just sit and relax as they watch their kids play. We brought socks for the kids, but I did not think I would need any...so I ended up having to go barefoot as everyone must remove their shoes to enter, not just the children playing. Yuck! I guess I know for next time!

Lily loved this place. They had a little toddler area just for her, but she was more interested in just walking around all over the place. I think she was a little overwhelmed because at times she just ran in circles! ;) Yes, Lily was non-stop motion the entire time...I put some little clips over in the "home video" link (they are not very good, but if you have a cable modem it does not take too long to view).
Brianna and Anjolie can't wait to go back!


Free In Christ said...

Sounds like a fun time.

Anonymous said...

Look at Lily! How cute is she?! She is getting SO big. How far apart will Lily and the baby be? Casey and Ashley are 14 1/2 months. It was like having 2 babies. In about 6 months it will be a lot more fun for Casey. Anyway...bug hugs from us.

Anonymous said...

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