Saturday, September 27, 2008

We Interrupt Unpacking bring you this hairbrained update. Sorry that I got your hopes up with that last know, the whole part about getting unpacked and therefore being able to put together something worth eh, "glancing" at. Yes, well, THIS won't be it, but, uh, I just thought I'd share a tid bit of the poor judgement I had.

You see, I thought that having the movers put all the boxes in the garage would be a fantastic idea so I wouldn't have the clutter and mess of wall to wall boxes that I so enjoyed in 29 Palms *ahem*. Don't get me wrong, the various broken and damaged items ring up bittersweet memories of "packing day" when we were moving from 29 to Oki *smile*...really. I wouldn't be sad to go back even with the terrible hassle of having to file claims for poorly packed things-*mmm* yeah, let me think on that a while yet.

But anyway, I digress (HA, I always wanted to use that word). The whole stroke-of -genius idea I had about putting the boxes in the garage has left my house so clean that I have to force myself to bring in more than a couple of boxes at a time to unpack. Can you just imagine my 4 little ones in a flurry of paper, tape and bubble wrap...lots and lots of bubble wrap. I know you can-you have read about the antics in the past. *Mess* just doesn't convey the scene after even 2 boxes. And then there is all the STUFF (we had "stuff" in storage too); the kids want to see, touch, and in Ayden's case, taste, chew on EVERYTHING. You never realize how much junk you collect until you MOVE!! We could live with so much's embarrassing really. I guess what I am trying to say is that this whole unpacking thing is going a lot slower than it would have if I were encapsulated in a cardboard palace up to my chin in packing paper. So, that was all, thought I'd share :) buh bye for now.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Uhhhh, What's My Password?

Hello friends- such an absence is unforgiveable on Blogger...but I'm sorry all the same. I almost forgot the info to even log in!

Well people, after our 10 days in a hotel, living life flipped upside down and backwards since our days and nights were switched from being on Okinawa time, we spent a month with my family up in Ohio. It was such a nice break and definitely helpful since we would not be receiving any household goods for a good month. They don't have internet so I couldn't update you all on what a fun time we were having...sorry!! We did have fun and enjoyed all the conveniences like Wallymart and Chick-fil-@. I bought a really good hair straighter at the Ohio State Fair-who da thunk it?! We had a family get-together po-folk style which was a real hoot. But my favorite times were the ones spent laying on a vintage quilt under a big shade tree reading books and eating cucumbers, bonfires under the stars, watching my Dad take the kids for rides on his mower, enjoying the beautiful flowers around my parents yard, catching toads with the kids, planting a tree at almost midnight, staying up late to catch my brother after work so we could have time to talk and catch up, watching Phelps win his gold medals with my feet propped up on my husband's lap just enjoying his time off from work, helping my sister try on wedding dresses, long talks with my mom, hearing my dad laughing and playing with the kids and hearing their feet patter to the door when he would come home from work ...there are really too many to list. *sigh* It was time much needed.

So much has happened in this move...the good and the challenging and the incredibly challenging and the incredible blessings...all of it I know works to the Lord's good. It has all been such a whirlwind and at the same time because of our circumstances, I have had a lot of time to devote to reading the Bible...lots of time spent in prayer, lots of time to deal with looking at heart issues. There's nothing like being ALONE, really alone, and to be able to allow the Lord to put things in perspective. The Word is truly like a mirror -the kind that shows it ALL...ich. I really get on my nerves after a while, seriously, I just want to smack myself sometimes. I am so thankful to have my internetty back to distract me for just little smidgens (HA) of time so I can, you know, break up the time I have to spend with myself...and my childrens ;)

And with that I will get back to work. What a horrible first post back from the virtual dead! *blush* Ugh, maybe if I get some of these boxes unpacked, I will be able to get my head uncluttered and write something worth glancing at! Anyway, love you all and I look forward to catching up!