Saturday, September 27, 2008

We Interrupt Unpacking bring you this hairbrained update. Sorry that I got your hopes up with that last know, the whole part about getting unpacked and therefore being able to put together something worth eh, "glancing" at. Yes, well, THIS won't be it, but, uh, I just thought I'd share a tid bit of the poor judgement I had.

You see, I thought that having the movers put all the boxes in the garage would be a fantastic idea so I wouldn't have the clutter and mess of wall to wall boxes that I so enjoyed in 29 Palms *ahem*. Don't get me wrong, the various broken and damaged items ring up bittersweet memories of "packing day" when we were moving from 29 to Oki *smile*...really. I wouldn't be sad to go back even with the terrible hassle of having to file claims for poorly packed things-*mmm* yeah, let me think on that a while yet.

But anyway, I digress (HA, I always wanted to use that word). The whole stroke-of -genius idea I had about putting the boxes in the garage has left my house so clean that I have to force myself to bring in more than a couple of boxes at a time to unpack. Can you just imagine my 4 little ones in a flurry of paper, tape and bubble wrap...lots and lots of bubble wrap. I know you can-you have read about the antics in the past. *Mess* just doesn't convey the scene after even 2 boxes. And then there is all the STUFF (we had "stuff" in storage too); the kids want to see, touch, and in Ayden's case, taste, chew on EVERYTHING. You never realize how much junk you collect until you MOVE!! We could live with so much's embarrassing really. I guess what I am trying to say is that this whole unpacking thing is going a lot slower than it would have if I were encapsulated in a cardboard palace up to my chin in packing paper. So, that was all, thought I'd share :) buh bye for now.


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

Oh, Heather, I sure remember those days! And I'll get to have your experience myself in just a few months. Funny.... when you're on this side of the move, it doesn't seem so bad ;) Maybe we'll read a post soon about a garage sale??

Dianne said...

Hello Mrs.H
this is Krystle i wanted to let you know I have a new blog.
also my name over there is Dianne my middle name.

Rebekah said...

I know exactly what you're going through, although it was a little different when we moved here. The house we moved into here was considerably smaller than in 29 Palms, only had a carport and a screened back porch, so we ended up renting a storage unit until we got our "renovated" house. Same floor plan but with a 2 car garage, an extra room and a laundry room (as opposed to a laundry closet). So we saved money by not having a storage unit since all the stuff is now in the garage. Mind you, most of the stuff has been "stuff" since we got married and we've just never had the time to actually go through it all all the way.

(That was actually my goal over the summer when I was all alone, but "getting it done" just wasn't motivation enough for me to go out there and do it). Hopefully soon (when things settle down after Brian's return) we'll actually get through it all and have a garage


Sorry for rambling, I shall go for now


Sis. Julie said...

I have to say that I've done it both ways....bringing all the boxes into each room in the house where it belongs and unpacking from there and putting them all in the garage and bringing boxes in as they get unpacked. I have to say I like having them in the garage a whole lot better. I can understand your frustration though. There was frustration with both systems of doing it. It is just a hectic time when unpacking is going on.

I know you'll be glad when you are completely done. Try not to let it overwhelm you too much.


Free In Christ said...

I so much don't envy you at all. We moved alot until we bought our house-almost 4 years ago. Needless to say, we didn't, up until then, keep much because it was always a hassle to move it. I remember moving with little ones oh to well. Enjoy!!! LOL!! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

And, yes, that is my day off. That is usually how they are, since I am off weekdays only every other week. I have 3 boys, and 2 dogs now. So therefore between the doctors office, dentis office and the vet, that is my days off. Such is the life of a full time working (out of the home) mother.

Danielle said...

Hey this is Laurie,only my name in the bloggie world is Danny or Danielle,hope you can stop by!

janis said...

Aww, no more how much stress that may be, I wish we had things to unpack too! I miss my piano :(
And the girls and Ayden!

Heather said...

Janis, you just wait girl...just wait. The Japanese wrapped an empty paper cup...yes, I guess it was unused and looking forlorn or something so they wrapped that baby UP. Also wrapped were individual bits and pieces of this and that *sigh* WHERE on EARTH did they find this stuff??? I'm thinkin' they dug it out of the garbage or something?! Crazy. Love you!!

Mishel said...

I understand a little bit...with our remodel now finished, we have to bring in all the stuff that was stored (in boxes). It's going slow here as well. I *like* my house with less stuff--and it's hard letting even *some* of it back in!

Steve n Vickie said...

Hmm!!! It seems I've thrown away or gotten rid of just about as much stuff on this end of my move as before hand. Fortunately my brother is a garbage man. He told me he could get rid of just about anything even tv's and other things that are difficult to dispose of. Let me tell you, I've been very thankful.
Don't dispair eventually things will fall in to some sense of order :)

janis said...

That's sooo funny... Now I'm even more excited to get whatever little treasures the Japanese people wrapped up for us! Haha, just kidding. You crack me up Ms.Heather... Miss you bunches! Love you♥!

Kimberly said...

Well I would say..I know how you feel but I have this great store room attached to the house and there in are all the boxes I don't want to see or don't need. I should just take them to the good will because my last garage sale was a flop. I will have to take a deep breath and just get rid of is harder than I thought. Hate to move and pray the Lord lets us not do it again. ;)

PS e-mail your new address please.

HOPE said...

It was sooo good to see your HELLO comment Heather! I've sure missed you!

I hope you are settled in very soon!

I'll be watching for you!


Dawn said...

My husband and I moved from Germany to Texas in July. The movers brought our stuff in August and I will say it is quite embarrasing how much junk we have accumulated. And it's only me and the hubby! We gave lots away before we left Germany and as I unpacked each box I had huge trash bags just waiting to be filled to bring to Goodwill. After I got done unpacking we brought 7 bags to the thrift store. I could probably do another one as well as I look around my house.

I will say this, unpacking is really overwhelming and stressful and just take constant prayer breaks.
It's alright if everything is not in their own little spot right away.
Unpack one or two boxes and then take a break.

Oh yeah the German movers wrapped up all kinds of weird things, like tiny rubberbands or pieces of cardboard from like the tinfoil or saran wrap boxes, umm..what else.. oh, cereal that was supposed to be thrown out 2 years ago, lol..well you get the picture. :)

Welcome back to America!

God Bless,

Rebekah said...

The packing and unpacking are the hardest parts of moving for me...the packing because I'm sad to be leaving, the unpacking because I don't know why I have all this stuff and I don't know where to put it!! :D Enjoy your unpacking!

A Note From Theresa said...

lol that was funny :)More Found memories to have later.

Sara said...

Just thinking about packing and unpacking makes me cringe! Hope ya'll are having lots of fun and that the unpacking is over quickly! Miss you.

Pastor Coon said...
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Pastor Coon said...

Well, in typical first thought was 'leave it in the garage'...maybe!?!

Welcome to Life! My name is Martin I'll be your trip coordinator. You may have noticed that on this trip there are no emergency are stuck get over it!! hahahaha

Glad to see you guys are living a little closer again. We need to coordinate a rendevous here, there, or halfway between.