Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ummm Can I Get a Mask?

Maintenance came bright and early this morning, 8:20am, to replace our water heater, AC unit..and a bunch of other...I don't know what it is, but it is sitting in my yard right now. Ok, now, maybe it is just me, but when they are in my house tearing stuff out and walking around with masks and gloves on...I feel a little unsettled. Umm -should my children and I be protected from whatever you are protecting yourself from? I can't even talk to them because they are Japanese and speak very very little English (or so they lead me to believe). I would leave, but we are not allowed to as long as they are working on the house. I know they MUST see that I am pregnant, but they continue to smoke right outside the door...and it is open for their equipment, so now my house is filled with second hand smoke on top of whatever else...so.. that is my whining and complaining for today. Thanks for reading my rant. ;) I'd rather complain about the little things than ponder the BIG one nagging me :)