Monday, January 30, 2006


What a busy busy day!! I had scheduled Anjolie and Lily's Drs appointments today back to back so it would make things easier and then I had a follow up ultra-sound appointment immediately after...boy was it hectic. Praise the Lord that Brian is done qualifying on the range and could get away from work to help me!! I left the house at 9am and have just now gotten home at 1:30....that included about a half hour to grab some lunch too.

Lily, who is still struggling with illness is doing ok the Dr said....Anjolie is doing great. My U/S went well, the small hemorrhage that was in the placenta previously -has resolved, Praise the Lord for that. The only concern is the baby's stomach is measuring too small...which could mean that there could be something "hooked up" wrong...or nothing at all, that maybe the baby had swallowed fluid and that was causing a false measurement. She said not to be concerned at all yet that everything else leads her to believe that everything is just fine, so we will just wait and pray. If there is something that would require surgery I would not be able to deliver at this please pray that everything is fine. I do not want to fly to a different country to deliver :( but, may the Lord's will be done no matter the circumstance.

Brian got to be in the u/s room with me :) (we put the kids in the free child-care they offer in the mornings..what a blessing) but our little baby was being shy :( So, maybe at my next u/s in Feb. he will get to see his little boy :) She said if I go the full 40 weeks he will probably weigh around 8.2 pounds...I dunno though. We were laughing because even in the u/s we could see little fat rolls on his legs!! They normally start laying on fat the last few weeks!! I think he is going to be BIG. Well, now I have to start my morning chores in the afternoon!! Oh well, at least the kids are exhausted and all down for a nap. :)

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Jamie said...

Hey, I just read this. I havent been online much at all this week but I am praying for baby to be healthy. I hope you are doing ok and not stressing. It was sure good to see all the new pictures. :)