Saturday, January 14, 2006

What's Missing?/ Is He Ok? blog medley

...or should I say WHO is missing. Yes, it is that wonderful time again where this pregnancy is hmmmm, how should I put this...challenging. (Oh, I love it, 1:50am and she can type more than 1 syllable words, but don't expect any good grammer or proper spelling (not that there is any other time ;) ) This has been going on about a week where I have gotten maybe 4 hours of sleep, at the most, in a night. Something has got to give..or thought processes and restraint on this silliness certainly have just gone out the window :) And on she blogs!!!

So, there is my dear husband...I can't believe the flash did not wake him up!! (It is Saturday for us tomorrow-never would have done that on a work-night) Well, I guess I can...the poor guy had a rough night. About an hour after dinner tonight, I was just getting out of the shower, and I notice Brian is hunched over on the couch. His "Medal of Honor" game is paused, so I KNOW SOMETHING IS WRONG!! He managed to force the words "get eeeeyyyyywwwwww meeyyahhhhhhh some milk!!" I was like- what in the world? There was like a half cup left so I quickly got it to him. I ask what is wrong...I am assuming heart-burn, but he was in such excrutiating pain that I started to think maybe it was his heart. He is only 30, but hey, you never know. His whole head was so red he looked like it was just going to pop off. Then it gets worse, he is laying on the floor HOLDING HIS CHEST. At this point I was truly frightened. I told him I was going to call an ambulance, but he gurbled out "NOOOOOOO AHHHHWWWWWAHHHHH" So, I was just wracking my brain. I gave him some of the baby's antacid, but he said it was painful to swallow!! -Another sign of possible angina or heart attack, but he refused to let me do anything. It was just awful. This goes on for about an hour...with a few brief moments of it easing up and then he is back on the floor moaning and holding his chest!! I felt like I was in a movie or something, it was so surreal. I finally convince him that I am taking him to the hospital at least...I don't care if it turns out to be nothing...I can't bear to see him incapacitated with pain! He agrees to go, amazingly, and so I get the girls out of bed and load them into the van. Brian somehow makes it out there...and I race over to the other base where the hospital is. Of course, I mean this is the way it always is, we get there and his pain starts to he won't go in. Maybe the Lord healed him, or I am hoping that it was just a hiatal hernia which can be excrutiating, and even though I kind of wrote this funny...more out of relief and nerves, (Brian just brings out that side of me too :) )please pray for him. I would really like him to get checked out at least at BAS or something. Chest pain is no joke, and I told him if he has another episode tonight I am going to HAVE to call an is just not worth the risk. So, now I sit, the excitement for the night is over, and he is sound asleep..I am checking on him. Praise the Lord he is ok.


Karen said... frightening!!! I hope and pray that Brian gets relief and some answers as to the cause of his pain!


Kim said...

I'm praying for you.

Jamie said...

oh I cant believe he didnt go in. It isnt no joke. I am worried. I hope he is ok

Jenny said...

Hi Heather,
When we were in yucca my mom suffered from chest pain and it has gotton worse and now she cant eat reg food cause of the acid in it the doctor told her she has acid reflect maybe brian has that???????????/

Anonymous said...

Hey...I am so sorry about Brian. Could it be that acid reflex? My mom had that and she said it really hurt. Poor you (and Brian. I hope that he gets looked at soon. Miss you all!

Heather said...

Tobi, I soooo hope that is what it is. They will probably check that first. {hug} heather