Wednesday, January 04, 2006

First Day of Homeschool

Nana's picture for her science class today :)
How cute...she got her feet in the picture..she laughed when I showed her this.

Well, today was our very first day! It sounds so strange, but I was nervous. I knew we were only going to be able to do a half-work day because I had Ladies' Visitation in the morning (praise the Lord we were able to pray with someone and lead them to Christ!!). So, I was stressing out because we did not get to complete everything I had planned for the day, but we have a full day tomorrow, so I will just add on here and there. The pictures-Brianna took :) We were studying the structure of plants, the blossom, the leaves, the stems and the roots etc and the function of each of them for a Science lesson. I strapped Brian's digital camera to her little wrist and told her I wanted her to take pictures of the parts we talked about and then we would review their functions again. I am SOOOOO loving this...mostly because she's in 4K I am sure, but I will enjoy the simplicity of it for now...such a neat review for me as well. And, can I just say HOW WONDERFUL it was to sit with her and have her lean her little head on my shoulder as I read to her and taught her. Moments like this are priceless and it is like the Lord reaffirming His will in this. Thank you so much for your prayers ....they were definitely heard by the Lord and felt by me today. God Bless you!!


Anonymous said...

So happy your "first day" went well! (=
I'll remember to keep you in prayer!!!

Anonymous said...

Oopsies, sorry that was me, Janis!