Saturday, January 21, 2006

Kids = T.P. shortage

With all of us being sick, and the girls not knowing how to use this precious commodity in moderation - I am left with quite a dilemma. Brian loves Charmin Ultra, and I could care less...Scott is just fine with me. However, I did not realize the weight of the situation until one time, when Brian had gotten off duty, he about flipped to see...*gasp*.. the course, single ply, bulk quantity- Scott brand tissue hanging shamefully from it's plastic roller in our is forbidden!! I explained that he could have his own personal supply of Charmin Ultra, but the girls needed quantity-not quality. And so...with Brianna and Anjolie taking us through an average of a roll and a half a day (not kidding) 'cause we also use it for their noses and mine and Lily's too, we CANNOT afford the fancy smancy rolls. But... I found this... great solution, eh?!! is to be installed immediately! Except I think I am going to need some sort of crank apparatus to operate it. ;) Hmmm, I wonder if it comes in double ply?

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