Saturday, January 28, 2006

Anjolie turned 3 today!!

Well, on the 28th (a day ahead here). I posted some movie clips of her birthday on my home-videos link...sorry they are not the best quality. I was using "Drop-Shots" for free, but for $5 a month, I have unlimited postings and NO ADVERTISING! I was concerned a couple of times when I saw some not-so-appropriate advertising on there....hope you enjoy it better now!!

So, to celebrate, they all got to dress up in princess costumes since the theme was "Fairytopia", and I put make-up on them (of course this was a HIT). We watched Anjolie's BIRTH-DAY tape...nothing graphic of course. She really enjoyed did Brian and I. She came in 3 hours and 2 pushes..whooo hoo!! We watched some other baby footage as was nice to reflect on what a blessing it has been to have the gift of Anjolie in our lives. We praise the Lord for all of our children...they are truly a blessing


Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Anjolie!
I really enjoyed your videos!
It's really fun to see your sweet family.

Lots of love...


Anonymous said...

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