Sunday, January 15, 2006


..MY VOICE? I woke up this morning terribly ill and with no voice! I get bronchitis every year, and I am just praying that this does not turn into that...or worse. Anjolie has an ear-infection, Lily caught what I have, Brianna is recovering, and praise the Lord Brian is much better. He did tell me he is going to get checked out though - thank you for your prayers. He still is experiencing occasional mild discomfort...I just pray they figure out why.

The one good thing about the girls all being sick with me at the same time is that they are tired as well, so at least they are taking LONG and frequent naps which gives me time to keep up with the house! Brianna is watching TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD...I sure love the book, it is one of my favorites. The movie is so well done too!

Brian, at my urging, had to go to church alone today :( He wanted to stay so I would not have to be all by myself with the girls, but I just think it is so important that at least one of us get to a service. I know it will refresh him- which is a reward to me as well!!

So, I better get moving and gettin' this house caught up! Yesterday, we got out of the house which was nice, but I really have some laundry waiting for me!

OH!! We bought a kitchen nook table to replace the govt issued dining room table which took up sooo much space! I think it is sooo cute. Hopefully in the future we will have a house with a breakfast nook and I can put this in there!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful table! I am sorry that you all are so sick. The girls just got over the stomach flu and Ashley had pink eye so I was in your boat last week. Take care!

Heather said...

Awww poor little thing!! That is sooo not fun :( Thank you..about the table. This place is sooo much smaller than the houses in 29 (hence the new compact table..there is no room in the kitchen for ANYTHING!)...and sooo much uglier :( BUT we HAVE A REAL LIVE YARD!! So I guess I should not complain :){{{{HUGS}}} for all of you. Miss you guys :(

Jamie said...

very very cute! :)

Heather said...

Thank you Jamie :) Did you notice the little bench? :)

Karen said...

Heather...I'm so sorry you're ill...sure hope you get your voice back quickly! I've been really concerned about Brian too. I hope he gets checked out and that everything is okay! Your new table nook is really cute too!


Heather said...

Thank you Karen! Brian talked to my Dad, who had a heart attack at 50, and I think that may have helped convince him to go too. I am still very concerned. I asked him to take aspirin today...just to be on the safe side