Thursday, January 12, 2006

Top Ten Things That Puzzle Me

1. Why DO people still use fanny-packs?
2. How does dipping a scoop of ice-cream or making a cup of coffee warrant a tip? Yet I do insurance for my beverage or cone, I guess....who knows.
3. Why phone companies have not been under federal investigation for their less than honest business practices.
4. How a lot (not all) of fast-food services seem to dredge up some of the rudest, slowest, and laziest workers!!
5. Why I can't talk to a real person on the phone when calling almost any company without having to exhaust the ridiculous automated menu of non-relevant issues.
6. How a politician (won't mention any names) can urge our young Americans to not join our armed forces...that we should abandon our DOD ...ummm ok, THAT is intelligent...wonder where he got his degree? Why doesn't he just declare open-season on the for all, may the best country win. Come and get us because we don't agree with our ignorant.
7. How children can be taken away from you because you spank them in a Biblical manner but a mom who spends her day getting high and barely knows she HAS kids is just a waste of time to notice?
8. How we can send our kids to a public school where they can be legally brain-washed into thinking that practicing a homosexual lifestyle is a perfectly healthy and normal way of life and taught that the world just BOOM came into existence and we evolved from monkeys.....but it is infringing on their rights as Americans to learn that perhaps there was an all-powerful, all-knowing Creator that put some thought into "forming" man. They would more readily accept that some Dolphin had influence in our creation than God.
9. How the 10 Commandments could offend someone to the point they fought and had them removed from a court-house, but stores like Victoria's Secret can bombard you with highly offensive and highly visible pictures of half naked women in their store-front with ner a complaint... but hey that is marketing right?
10. In some people's eyes President Bush can do NO RIGHT!! They complain that not enough was done to prevent 9/11 and now he is doing too much to prevent an the warranted phone tapping...give me a break people! Wonder what they would say if one of the taps revealed their hometown was going to be wiped out...would they be complaining about the rights of a terrorist THEN?


Kim said...

Your puzzlement is completely shared by me. Everything you put on there has crossed my mind at least once. Thanks for letting me know that I'm not alone.

Karen said...

AMEN! I couldn't agree with you more! You said it better than I could have!


Jamie said...

OH I totally agree with you!