Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Living Sacrifice

I have had so many great reminders lately from personal devotions, sermons and random articles I stumble on about why we are to be a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1). When we hear the account of Abraham and how he bound his son Isaac to an altar, we are grieved at the thought of such a service being required. Not that the Lord ever intended to allow Isaac to die in this way, the sacrifice was already completed -in Abrahams heart. The point was that Abraham was willing, without understanding, to LOVE his God with everything he had. We love God by hearing and obeying His word and anything that He reveals personally to us through conviction. Pastors preach about being willing to die, physically, for the sake of Christ, but that is only one aspect of what is required. God uses us as LIVING sacrifices. People willing to be identified with Christ's death...no longer living a life for themselves, but living for God. How dare I think that I have any right to hold ANYTHING back from Him? I forget, at times, that my time, energy, attention...everything is His to be managed and used for His work. For instance, I get irritable if I am interrupted (in doing something of no importance) by one of my children...one of my gifts from God. What if He got irritated with me praying to Him all the time? Not that God does not allow for times of refreshment and rest, He does. But, I need to be the example to my children and others of a constant "channel" for the Holy Spirit to reveal His work through me. How can I do that when I am preoccupied with "my time" all the time. I can't! How quickly I forget the wondrous joy I feel when I am 100% focused on doing the Lord's work. Being a homemaker has been the greatest joy of my life!! I get distracted sometimes and forget the task at hand...get discouraged, struggle with my temper etc. Homeschooling Brianna this past week has really helped me be more patient and in-tune with Brianna. Sure it takes more time...but I am on God's time, not mine. And there is no greater joy than being on His time, doing His work and not my own. If we are saved, we are all on His time...what are we doing with it?

I have really been focusing on the importance of turning my children's hearts Godward in being a living sacrifice. What better way to fulfill the Great Commandment in Deut. 6:5-7- If we ever say that we cannot give something up in order for Christ to work in us....we better WATCH OUT. I need to meditate on this more often so He does not have to use His loving chastisement to get my attention. The days and times are evil, and I just hope I can reach somebody somewhere with the joy that I know in serving Christ with my whole heart, soul and might.

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ashleigh said...

Heather!! Amen and amen! I needed that today... thanks for giving me my "nugget" to ponder over today. ::hugs::