Saturday, January 21, 2006

Laughter is the BEST mood enhancer

Poor Brian is on the rifle range this week, and today was his first day. It turned out to be a nightmare because there was no bus to take the guys (with their rifles) so they had to take the cumbersome 7 ton long bed trucks...takes the range. Then...their training section FORGOT to arrange for food for them! So, these guys went all day without food!! How smart could that be...these guys firing weapons..on GRUMBLING stomachs?! It's a good thing none of those responsible for the oversight showed up- huh? Temporary insanity due to lack of sustenance- would that ride? So anyway, in comes my poor husband, exhausted, starving and irritated at ...7:30pm! I felt so bad for him :( But, you know what? Instead of griping and complaining, (at least outwardly)...he said he had a funny joke to tell me :)

A husband forgot his wedding anniversary and his wife is LIVID. She says to her husband, to help him make amends, "Tomorrow, there better be something out in the driveway that goes from 0-200 in 2 seconds!" The next day, the wife looks out the window and sees a box sitting in the driveway. Curious, she goes out to see what could be in the box. She opened the box to find................a bathroom scale!!
hee hee...I laughed, but apparently this little joke saved Brian's mood today :)

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