Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bed-time Surprise!!

Now, I know, I have not posted in almost a week!! I am trying to keep up with making lesson plans and things will be easier now that I have her books home from school. I was using some supplemental material I picked up from the exchange, but now I have her A Beka stuff and we used that today!

Anyway, last week we had some more Christmas stuff arrive with Lily's Birthday present from my parents. My sister made crystal bracelets for them to match their dresses that they got for Christmas. Brian brought the box home from work last Thursday, but we had to leave immediately for church visitation. So, after we got home, we put the girls to bed and surprised them with the gifts from my sister!! :) They were very excited. THANK YOU AUNT MISTY!!

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Anonymous said...

Good job Brianna!