Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Ok, now you might be thinking "no big deal", but hey...our first "baby" is reading!! *sniff* *sniff*. I am so proud of her. We really worked last week on blending her letter sounds, and then it was like something just clicked. I had to take her book from her that she was working on tonight so she would eat dinner! She was sooooo excited and literally bouncing off the walls over it. I am talking basics now, not like a novel or anything, but these are the first two sentences she read all by herself. "Gus is a duck" and "Tip is a pup". (posted for posterity's sake):) So exciting!! I personally thought she was ready months ago, but she just did not have the motivation. Well, she all of the sudden got motivated when she found out one of her fellow 4 year old friends, Sean, could read. That was all it really took, I guess, to convince her she could do it...well Brianna, I knew you could do it all along honey :) I am so proud of you.

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ashleigh said...

Aww, give her hugs from Miss Ashleigh and tell her congratulations! And congratulations to her wonderful mommy, who has done such a wonderful job of teaching her. :)