Friday, January 20, 2006


For us anyway...

This week has me totally and completely whipped!! I am still not recovering from this awful upper respiratory infection :( I know it is hard to recover from anything when you are pregnant because of a hampered immune system, but this is ridiculous. Have you ever had to cancel a Drs appt because you were too sick to make it in there? Too bad it is not like the old days where they had visiting Drs huh :) The Lord is so gracious though. He provides me with the energy I need to keep the house clean, laundry kept up, kids fed, Brianna's school and even some renewed strength to spend with my dear husband. I give complete honor to the Lord for this...because I, in my flesh, would just set some boxes of cereal on the floor turn on the tv and climb in bed for the week...I truly feel that awful!

Yesterday, because it was sooo beautiful outside we did go for a walk to the playground...I was hoping it would help....the poor girls were too pooped to walk back to the house! So, today, I am just going to open all the windows to let the sunshine and fresh air in...maybe that will be better. Again ....sooooo thankful it is Friday!!

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Karen said...

Heather...I sure hope you're all feeling better soon! It's tough to be pregnant and sick too!

Lots of love...