Friday, January 27, 2006

A Bummer turned Praise and a Super Praise!

Ok, honestly, this week has been suuuuch a trial, and these past two days I did not come out Glorifying God ...I have only been getting a few hours of sleep because of the pregnancy just being uncomfortable and used this as an excuse to cut back on my devotion and prayer time. HUGE mistake- so I tried to stagger along in my own strength which left me losing my patience left and right. I kept telling myself it was not the kid's fault...I was just trying to do everything this week running on empty both physically and most importantly spiritually.

Brian has been leaving around 230am and not getting home until late, and on top of this weeks CRAZY happenings...Brian found out he had to work on Saturday as well..which we were having Anjolie's 3rd birthday party on. He was going to have to work from 6am to 6pm. I was not surprised at all to get the news...actually I had a strange peace about it...where normally I would be crying in disappointment for little Anjolie. Well, I asked Brian if he could at least ask if there was a chance he could get SOME of Anjolie's Birthday off so we could celebrate together....well he asked and he is able to get off at 10am!!! Hence..bummer turned Praise :)

SUPER PRAISE!! Brian's deployment in April HAS OFFICIALLY BEEN CANCELLED!!! I knew there was a reason I felt so at peace about it :) He does have other deployments scheduled, but not so close to the baby being born. God is soooo good.

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Molly D said...

Wow...that is so awesome about your husband's deployment getting cancelled until later! My heart ached for you when I read that he would have to leave so soon after the baby's birth! God does indeed give good gifts to His children! :)