Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Conversations with Brianna :)

Last night after praying with the girls the following dialogue took place-

Brianna: "Mommy, will we watch Elmo in our new home?"
Mommy: "What new home honey?"
Brianna: "Our home in heaven!"
Mommy: "No, honey, we will spend our days in God's presence praising and worshiping Him...etc -there's no need or time for Elmo :0"
Brianna: "Well, are we going to need naps?"
Mommy: "No, we will have perfect bodies that don't need naps"

Brianna smiles really big and shouts "I THOUGHT SO!!"
*AHEM* My fleshly desire of heaven wants it to be FULL of naps ;)


Molly D said...

I have to say that naps sound like heaven to me too these days! ;)

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