Tuesday, January 10, 2006

5 Perfectly Weird Things About ME!

Just being a Karen copy cat :)

1. I have a "dent" in one of my legs from a car accident (Brian's contribution to this list...thanks honey, for reminding me)HE thinks it's weird.
2. Decided I needed to be ignorant and dropped out of college in my second year, even though my parents were paying for it, and joined the Marines for 4 years (brilliant).
3. Did not get my drivers license until I was 23 years old...afraid of getting in a wreck. Ironic thing is, my "dent" and 3 broken bones, and hour long amnesia happened just a month after getting my license only.... I was not driving. Yep, rolled 7 times...5 were spent in the air!! Thank you my, Dear Lord, for my second chance...chastisement heeded.
4. I have never had a cavity...ok, I think that is wierd, but you know what, NOW I just think that it is a conspiracy that Dentists fill every little nook and cranny to get your money. Did you know that if you keep those "pits" clean...they re-mineralize? (a military dentist who doesn't get my money told me this) Ah -Hah!! So, maybe I have had cavities that I just kept clean and they filled back in...hmmmm so I really should write that I have never had a "filling"
5. My tonsils...just strange all-together, and I am just soooo sure that THIS was the weird tid-bit you were looking for but, anyhow.... My tonsils, at one point had gotten so huge that they were touching and blocked 80% of my airway...when I was a kid, my retainer slid back and actually got "hooked" through (ewwwwww I know) one of my tonsils. (True story!!) My dad had to wrap a wire around the front of it and back it down my throat to get the hook out. Our Orthodontic group actually CHANGED the way they made retainers because of this and closed the back hooks on their retainers. Mmmmhmmm that's right. AND....(I know you are just riveted) when I was a Marine they FINALLY removed them....and one of them is starting to grow back. THERE...now I don't know what is weirder...the incident, or me sharing the incident. Pretty Sad :)


Karen said...

You did it...found some weird things about yourself! I really got a good laugh from that post. I was glad to see you back blogging...I was concerned that you might be ill! It's always fun, encouraging and uplifting to read your posts.
Love in Christ...

Ashleigh said...

LOL!! I love it! :D Esp. the cavity part... I've never had one either. Maybe we're just better about brushing our teeth... and about not going to the dentist before those "pits" have filled back in?! :)

Anonymous said...

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