Thursday, January 19, 2006

Brian's Drs Appt. PRAISE!

Brian called and said that the Dr he saw was great. The Dr thinks that Brian had so severely irritated some nerves in his upper back/spine that it caused some inflammation in the surrounding areas and radiated to the front chest area. He said since the nerves in this area affect the blood vessels in the upper would cause a "wrap around" constricting feeling. They are going to do some bloodwork tomorrow morning after he has fasted to check some other possibilities, but it sounds like he is just fine :) Thank you again so much for your prayers.. I am still praying that if there is something we need to see, that it will show up!


Karen said...

Heather...that's good news! I hope Brian doesn't have any more pain like that!


Heather said...

Me too!! It would, however, be nice to know what caused it!! Thank you again for your prayers.
In His Love