Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Things I Appreciate About my Husband

I don't reflect enough on these things that are simple but mean so much.
-He gets excited with me when I show him my clean organized linen closet :)
-He says please and thank-you all the time
-He puts the toilet seat down (hey, I REALLY appreciate that-so do Brianna and Anjolie)
-He hugs me for no reason
-He turns off the tv to listen to me (rarely watches it anyway)
-Enjoys my cooking and lets me know it
-Never complains if I did not get to do my daily cleaning routine (due to other obligations or if I am just not feeling well), and pitches in if I need help to catch up
-Calls me (now ;)) to let me know he will be late for dinner.
-Has devotion with the girls and teaches them memory verses
-He thanks me for doing the laundry and taking care of the kids!!
-Puts the girls to bed himself almost every night
-Is a committed father who strives to lead his family in the Lord
-What do you appreciate about yours? (just fyi-even if you are not a blogger, you can post below anonymously under post comment) I know most of you who read it do not post, and that is fine too, I enjoy your emails ;)


Kim said...

I am so glad that you posted this Heather.
I appreciate that Eric can find me sexy in a t-shirt and his boxer briefs, even when I haven't managed to shower in a day or two.
I appreciate that he always tries with Ryelie even when she gives him attitude.
I appreciate that he talks to me about decisions (career, going out with the guys) before just telling me what he did.
He does so much that it's easy to overlook the smaller everyday things. Thanks for this Heather.

Heather said...

Kim :) I wrote this because Brian and I had recently had an argument and I was REALLY struggling to appreciate him-so I did the complete opposite of what I felt like doing, but it helped me tremendously -to focus on this instead of his failings.