Friday, December 02, 2005

I Surrender All...

For about 2 and a half years now, I have felt to be prepared to support Brian in whatever the Lord calls him to do. Of course as wives we are to do this, but this was really impressed upon me...just to be quiet about it, so as not to sway him or distract him, but to be prepared for "something". About 6 months after I really felt the Lord dealing with me in alot of different areas at once, He started dealing with Brian. I still did not say anything to Brian about what I felt, but continued to pray and wait. Brian, soon after that, was called to work in the teen ministry and to be a Deacon in our church. I felt this was more training and light for our path. I just praise the Lord for the patience of those we were working with ;) It is so humbling to be called to serve because I, for one, felt (and am) so unworthy! Anyway, tonight, in front his Marines and the church, along with about 20 others and myself, Brian surrendered to full time christian ministry. We have no idea what or when, but my heart was 100% prepared. When I saw Brian's hand start up,( I made sure to wait for him so I would not affect his decision) mine was right next to his. The Lord truly has been preparing me for some time now...and I saw it come to reality!! So, I still have no idea what Brian feels the Lord is leading him to do..but definitely some type of full time ministry. The Lord still impresses on me to KEEP QUIET so he can hear the STEREO..;) We covet your prayers in this!!


Elorra said...

Heather, thank you for visiting my blog. I was humbled and thrilled to have a 'stranger' come visit. It is a blessing though because I believe the Lord has blessed me through reading your blog which is becoming a habit. Sorry if it is kind of weird, but after reading what Brian did last night, I wanted to encourage you and commend you for being a prayerful and supportive wife. Wow, you are in inspiration. It is sweet to hear that Marines are meeting our Lord and that the Word is being shared in Japan. Thank you for allowing me to learn about you. God bless, Elorra

Karen said... is so uplifting to read your blog and hear of your spiritual trials and triumphs. Isn't it awesome to think that even if we never meet here on earth...we'll be friends in heaven!
May the Lord bless you and Brian as you start this new adventure with Him!

Karen said... missionary friend sent this comment to you...via my e-mail. Karen

Hi it was good to read your story. We are missionaries in Tokyo. We are both
from Indiana. We have three adopted children. Satomi almost 12, Christopher 11
and Rebecca 8. They are all 3 Japannese. I have been here for 25 years. We
live 30 minutes from Yokota.
Marty Meek

Heather said...

Karen- That is so neat!! We live on the Japanese Island of Okinawa, and attend Maranatha Baptist. It is such a small world isn't it? You are truly such an encouragement to me Karen. So glad we are sisters in Christ!!

Jamie said...

WOW PRAISE THE LORD! I am so blessed by this! I will be praying for you both!