Thursday, December 22, 2005


Just a little Lilymonster update. Lily waves,claps, gives kisses, says momma dadda, uh-oh, please (peese) thankyou (da-to), wawa, and HATES to get a bath.
But, even when having a bad hair day, this little thing is in a good mood ;) She walks now (prefers to crawl), and still loves to be cuddled and held like a little baby. I think she is about the most cuddly baby I have ever known!!


Anonymous said...

Obviously Brianna looks like Brian and Anjolie looks like you, but Lily is the PERFECT combo of you both. That hair reminds me so much of Casey. My how Lily has grown. I remember seeing her in the hospital. How little she was. Anyway, Happy Hollidays. BIG hugs from us.

Anonymous said...

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