Monday, December 12, 2005

Could Not Help Myself

Being 6 and a half months Pregnant (my due date is actually 8 days earlier than posted) with Brian away, and the girls being in bed, left me with trouble to get into.

I have my Christmas presents on the table, and one of them in particular was just calling my name. It was a box of chocolates that I had gotten for my Dad (sorry dad). I was just CRAVING chocolate, and was not about to drag the girls out of bed to go get you guessed it. I just COULD NOT resist. You know how it is- pregnant woman craves, pregnant woman gets. Here is the little poem I offer as a little token of my misadventure.

The Box of Chocolates

It was a gift, special and new
all wrapped up just for you
Until this past unfortunate night
I tried, I TRIED with all my might
Not to look at that golden box
So I hid it under some Christmas socks
But as I looked on with shock and defeat,
My HANDS, they tore after the chocolaty treats
The bow, the wrapping, and the lid
I tossed aside, so nothing was hid
And then, I ate your chocolate delights
I enjoyed each one of the scrumptious bites
So, one by one they've disappeared
It's just as one might have feared-
An expectant woman left alone
has a right all her own
to satisfy a chocolate craving-
even your gift is not worth saving


Kim said...

Heather, no one can fault you for your decision to enjoy the choclates. Most non-pregnant wouldn't be able to resist opening that present early. =) So did you have another ultrasound and find out the sex? Keeping my fingers crossed for a little boy. Miss you

Heather said...

Hey Kim- Definitely a BOY!!!!