Friday, December 09, 2005

Spirit Week

It was spirit week at Brianna's school this week, so every day she dressed up as something different. Unfortunately I only got pictures of 2 of the days. On Ethnic day she wore a Chinese dress (a Japanese Kimono is EXPENSIVE!!) but it was at the end of the day that I took the picture, so her hair is not as cute. I had flowers in her hair, but they obviously did not make it home ;) Today they get to dress up as a Bible hero, so she is Noah's wife. I explained to her how Noah's wife was such a strong Godly woman in support of her husband. It really caused me to think. How hard she must have worked and how difficult it would be to have faith in something that she had never seen before- rain and a flood. Noah's wife was a hero indeed. Brianna, during my explanation on what a Godly wife Noah's must have been, brought up how sometimes I don't support Brian...I asked her what she meant, and she said that sometimes we argue and disagree about things. (major heart crunch) It did, however, open the door to explain how I am growing too, and I learn from the examples set in the Bible, but it is heartbreaking to reap what we sow...even when we have asked forgiveness, those things leave a lasting impression on our kids.

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Elorra said...

How strange that this post comes just after the one about things you love about your husband. I am so blessed by your blog. Here I am this stanger over in Texas and I haven't been online much since last week, but I am refreshed and inspired by your week's worth of writing. So keep it up. I am reading, and I am blessed. The Lord is using you to speak to me.

It is so interesting how upfront and honest our children can be. Why is it that they are the ones who put us in our place when they don't know what they are saying? I love it. Your family is precious and I am so sorry that Brian is suffering from the eventual loss of his grandmother. The loss of a loved one is never easy even when they are a believer. I am so glad that he gets to go. I am also glad that your daughter keeps you on your tows. I hope the next one does the same and that you are feeling all right. Bless you with love and admiration, Elorra.