Monday, November 27, 2006

Dear Lord...

I love you and need to be filled with your Spirit again. Please forgive the neglect I have my prayer and Bible reading this past week. My failure to start my days late and without prayer and study of your Word has left my days less than glorifying to You. Unchecked roots of bitterness have sprung up as anger which I have let run out to the ears of my husband and children. My preoccupation with myself has shown in my lack of submissiveness to my husband and my impatience with my children. My thoughts have been focusing on myself and not on you. Please forgive me Lord. Shine your light and show me where I have gone astray. Please fill me with your Spirit as I tackle todays challenges. I need your complete strength in my complete weakness. Thank you so much Lord, please allow me to be a blessing to my family today as you set my priorities before me. Amen


Anonymous said...


Michelle said...

Very Beautiful!!! Amen!!

Free In Christ said...

I love your honesty. You are such an encouragement.

Heather said...

Love you Tobi!! Michelle, my thoughts and words have been ugly, I am thankful for the beautiful intercession of Christ Jesus..thank you for your encouragement. Melissa, I love your honesty and encouragement...I am so glad we desire the Lord's hand in our lives...all glory to Him

Mishel said... are such a blessing! I love how you are not afraid to share your struggles. Your love for the Lord and your family is such an encouragement to me. (((hugs)))

abrightnewdawn said...

Honestly, you make me feel much more normal!! I struggle with soooo many of the same things you do!! Thank you for your honesty. It opens my eyes.

I'm all caught up on your posts. They were all great. I love the manna post, tried to comment! :)
Now I need to get on mine!! My mom has been here, and me and the baby were sick for 2 weeks before that!! I'm a SLACKER!

Free In Christ said...

beautiful manna post. Amen to all of it.

Heather said...

Awww, thank you Miss Mishel, you are always such an inspiration to me. Your family's love for the Lord is so beautiful and such an encouragement.

;) Dawn..I live most days hoping I'm normal lol...I hate when I settle for a defeated walk :( Thank you for the encouragement...hope you all feel better soon. Pregnancy was always hard on me. Praying for you.

Thanks Melissa...I turned my comments off on that post...just to keep my motives in check, but I do appreciate the encouragement.

Happymama said...

I tried leaving a comment under the newest post above, but saw the comments had been disabled.

I had so much to catch up on here. I loved all the pictures of the children. Especially the ones of the lil gobblers. How cute.

Looks like you had a happy Thanksgiving. I'm glad.


Happymama said...

Heather, we all fall short at one point or another. Thank the Lord He never turns His back on us during those times. He is always approachable!